Monty Don shares common seed sowing mistake people make in their gardens

Don't make this common seed sowing mistake

common seed sowing mistake
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Well-loved gardening expert Monty Don has shared a common seed sowing mistake. Whether you're growing your own vegetables or sunflowers, it's important to make sure your seeds are evenly spread. Although it might seem obvious, we don't always take enough care at this crucial point in the life of our plants.

Growing plants in pots is a brilliant small garden idea and means you can move things around easily. But, as Monty Don explains, sowing seeds in a haphazard way can create a 'survival of the fittest' scenario.

common seed sowing mistake

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During a recent appearance on BBC Breakfast, the Monty Don revealed this one thing we should avoid doing in our gardens. But the seed sowing tip also applies if you have window boxes or potted herbs, too. 

Speaking to BBC news presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt from his office, he talked about growing chilies at home. 'Now, I’ve got a peat-free compost, which I have modified by adding leaf mold, a little bit of sifted garden compost, some grit to open it up,' he says.

common seed sowing mistake

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'But to be honest, chilies will grow in any compost mix. Now as far as you can, put the seeds evenly because one of the secrets of successful seed growing is to have the seedlings growing strongly from the very beginning.'

'It’s a mistake to think you can just scatter the seeds any old how and they’ll all sort themselves out. Because that then becomes survival of the fittest and a lot of the seedlings won’t do very well,' Monty explains.

common seed sowing mistake

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Spring is a great time of the year to work on our gardens, planting new seeds, and pruning existing shrubs. Amateur gardeners can fall into the trap of sowing seeds without ensuring they are as evenly spaced as possible. But Monty's advice will help our seeds grow into strong and healthy plants that attract wildlife to our gardens.

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