Madison Beer's bedroom is every vanilla girl's dream and I'm living for it TBH

It's not just me — experts love Madison Beer's bedroom decor too

Madison Beer in black dress on neutral background
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I'm obsessed with all things cozy and Madison Beer's bedroom is no exception. As the months get colder, I'm wrapping up in tons of fuzzy blankets and hunkering down for the rest of the season (more like hibernating, but that's my business). 

While I was scrolling on Insta, I came across Madison Beer's bedroom and instantly fell in love. If you haven't noticed, there's a major neutrals trend going around and Madison's set-up is the perfect example. 

And I'm not the only one loving these small bedroom ideas — interior design experts are too. I caught up with a few design experts for their advice on how to recreate the look at home. Plus, I found some great buys you'll want to see for ultimate comfiness.

See inside Madison Beer's bedroom

Take a look inside Madison Beer's bedroom for the best all-neutrals inspo you'll find around. She's embraced the full vanilla girl aesthetic with organic shapes, soft textures, and a color palette of white and cream.

How to recreate the look

Call me basic all you want, but I'm dying to recreate Madison Beer's bedroom look in my own room. We've actually already taken some inspo from her when we found Madison Beer's leopard print blanket — trust me, the girl knows her stuff. 

I got some advice from interior design experts on how to recreate the look yourself.

1. Add a cloud bed

Now the star of the show here is Madison's stunning all-white bed frame. This particular design has taken off on TikTok and is named after a fluffy white cloud. Luckily for you, we found some cloud bed alternatives that are a little less expensive than the viral frame.

"The cloud bed. A whimsical twist in a modern setting, blending comfort with the slightest hint of 'fantasy meets reality.' It's more than a bed — it's a statement, a personal cloud nine," says Keely Smith, an interior designer expert and artist at Home Stratosphere.

Keely Smith
Keely Smith

Keely Smith, an interior designer expert and artist at Home Stratosphere, a leading interior design studio in North Vancouver, BC. With over 10 years of experience, Keely has helped numerous businesses and individuals realize their interior design goals.

2. Embrace hygge

Ahhh hygge — the ultimate cozy vibe. Hygge is a Scandi belief all about embracing home comforts and making your surroundings as calming and peaceful as possible. It's clear Madison is down for all things hygge with her warm and inviting decor.

"You know hygge — that cozy Danish concept of creating peaceful, welcoming spaces? Her neutral palette totally embodies that," says Adrian Pedraza, owner of a professional house-flipping company. 

"But it was the soft nightstand lighting that really stood out to me. It takes the look from just visually calming to genuinely serene. Hygge isn't just about appearances, it's how a space makes you feel."

Adrian Pedraza
Adrian Pedraza

Adrian Pedraza is the owner of The California Home Buyer, a professional house-flipping company. He is a licensed real estate broker with over 10 years of experience buying, selling, and flipping properties in California. He keeps a close eye on all the changes in the real estate industry and home development.

3. White color palette

One of the most obvious features of Madison Beer's bedroom is the white and cream color palette. A soft, warm off-white shade may be one of the best colors to paint a bedroom in our opinion.

"Ah, the allure of an all-white palette — it's no surprise Madison chose this. It's a trend refusing to flicker out. The charm lies in its versatility," says Smith. 

Shop the look

Looking for some new additions to your bedroom to recreate Madison's look? I browsed around for some of my favorite items. 

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

That's it — Madison Beer's bedroom is next on my decor list (after a long list of other projects I got myself into). I like to take inspiration from celebs to find ideas I wouldn't have considered otherwise. After all, I still can't get over Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty office, giving me plenty of inspo for my WFH set-up.

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