Lidl's sale is on! And you can clean up on laundry and cleaning buys

These Lidl sale laundry and cleaning buys are so inexpensive, efficient and easy to use that you really can whistle while you work

Lidl sale: laundry and cleaning buys
(Image credit: Lidl)

The Lidl sale is in full swing... and this week's offers from the Middle of Lidl on laundry and cleaning buys are must-sees.

As the New Year crawls into action, so does work, school and the deep clean that comes after the Christmas holidays. We're not ready for it! Most of us parted with far too much cash over the festive season, be it on presents, food or drink... now it's time to get back to the real world. Sadly, the real world entails cleaning the carpets that have been royally muddied by guests, ironing school and work shirts and just general household chores! Urgh. 

However, it's not all bad news – Lidl has made huge cuts on its already very decent prices and we're super impressed with what they have on offer. Without breaking the bank, you can stock up on new utility gadgets, from a steam generator iron to a heated clothes airer. Save money and time with these efficient, high-tech products that you can still afford on a tight budget!

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1. Steam Generator Iron, Was £127, Now £89

 Steam Generator Iron

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How happy does he look? That's because he's bagged a bargain, we reckon... And you could say goodbye to faff because this brilliant steam generator iron can tackle anything from silk to jeans without you worrying about adjusting the temperature. This gadget is a smooth operator, gliding easily without scratching your clothes. Wait two minutes and you're ready to go. What's more, because of its lightweight design you can transport it easily.

Steam Generator Iron, Was £127, Now £89

2. Dual Power Carpet Cleaner, Was £119.99, Now £79.99

Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

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Living a busy life with lots of people in and out of the house means that your carpets are likely in need of a revamp. However, don't worry about forking out the cash for new carpets, or getting on your hands and knees to scrub away (like you have the time), this deep cleaning vacuum is a fab solution with dual rotating brushbars and twin tanks. The narrow head also means that moving between furniture is super easy and it's simple to fill and empty the tank. The cord length is 8m so manoeuvring this vacuum is a piece of cake, too. Definitely a worthwhile buy (especially now it's in the sale).

Dual Power Carpet Cleaner, Was £119.99, Now £79.99

3. Heated Clothes Airer, Was £49.99, Now £39.99

 Heated Clothes Airer

(Image credit: Lidl)

If you're on the look out for a new clothes airer then you are in luck because Lidl has come to the rescue with this fab heated clothes airer (that doesn't cost your savings). For just 4p an hour you can save time and dry your laundry efficiently. It can hold up to 16kg and has a drying space of 12m. 

Minky Wing 12m Heated Clothes Airer, Was £49.99, Now £39.99

4. Vacuum Storage Bag, £7.99

Vacuum Storage Bag

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How much more organised would your life feel if you had this laundry storage bag? If you're looking to maximise on space then this is such a great buy, with a self closing valve that can be connected to any standard vacuum cleaner and will stay vacuum sealed for up to half a year (protected from dust, moisture, odours and moths). This is an insanely good idea for a storage solution if you host a couple times a year, over the holidays. Store your bedding out of sight, out of mind and when you whip it out, rest assured that it'll still be spick and span.

Vacuum Storage Bag, £7.99

5. Silvercrest Steam Brush, £9.99

Silvercrest Steam Brush

(Image credit: Lidl)

Having a steam brush in your life makes the tedious task of getting every last crease out of your clothes or curtains way easier (and super satisfying, too). This little gadget is a four-in-one – rely on it for steaming (obvs), ironing, fabric brushing and lint removal... Did we mention it's ready to use in just 60 seconds? The adjustable temperature and integrated stand, hanging loops, filling beaker and detachable brush make this steam brush great bang for your buck. 

Silvercrest Steam Brush, £9.99