Lidl's laser light projector is INSANE – and in store from today

Want to light up your WHOLE HOUSE for Christmas? You need Lidl's laser light projector... it's only £17.99

Lidl's laser light projector
(Image credit: Lidl)

Lidl's laser light projector is one of those buys you NEVER regret. Perfect for lighting up your home's exterior over Christmas (who needs outdoor fairy lights when you've got this?), and brilliant for every other party you ever have, indoors or out, Christmas or not. 

With absolutely minimum effort (er, put it in the right spot, turn it on), you can have your home lit up with polka dots, snowflakes, stars, Santa Claus(es), snowmen or Christmas trees! If that isn't a worthy investment for a time-starved festive fanatic, we don't know what is.

Ahem, we say investment... but the price and time it'll take you to set this bad boy up is minimal. It's only £17.99 and takes seconds to get going. Don't mind if we do. Christmas: sorted.

Lidl laser light projector

(Image credit: Lidl)

Let's get a Lidl technical now (sorry). It's mains-powered so you have to plug in the projector indoors, unless you have an outdoor socket (either way, we'd use an RCD for safety). However, the projector is splash-proof, so will withstand some weather. 

The power cable itself is 3m long and the lighting range is 8m with a projection area of 280sq m, so you can enjoy the display in all of its glory across the entire exterior of your home. 

As well as the display options mentioned above, you can also choose between static or rotating, and red or green lights. What's more, it's fitted with a six hour timer and automatic daily repetition so it hardly requires your attention. Ideal!

Find the light projector online at Lidl.

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