Lidl's kitchen essentials sale = brilliant buys at budget prices. Do. Not. Miss...

All of the Middle of Lidl kitchen essentials that we want and need from a waffle maker to a sparkling water maker

Middle of Lidl kitchen essentials
(Image credit: Lidl)

You have got to check out the Middle of Lidl kitchen essentials on offer this week because they have 100 percent delivered on all fronts. On sale (at a very purse pleasing price) is a whole load of stuff that we both want and need. We're talking everything from a fabulous coffee machine to get you your caffeine fix on a budget, to a kitchen radio so you can quite literally whistle while you work.

You can always count on the Middle of Lidl to have their aisles stacked high with irresistible bargains and you can always count on the team to catch them as soon as there's news of them dropping... Keep scrolling to see a round up of the best kitchen essentials at Lidl right now. 

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1. Silvercrest Egg Cooker, £8.99

egg cooker

(Image credit: LIdl)

You can have breakfast for the family cracked out in no time. This egg cooker fits seven eggs and can even cook them to different hardnesses int heh same cycle. Just pop your eggs in the stainless steel cooking tray and adjust the electronic timer. Oh, it also comes with a measuring cup and egg piercer. Plus, the tray, cover and measuring cup and dishwasher safe!

Silvercrest Egg Cooker, £8.99

2. Silvercrest Deep Fat Fryer, £19.99

Deep fat fryer Lidl

(Image credit: Lidl)

Mmmmm if deep fried food is your guilty pleasure then why not make your favourite treat cost effective, too? This model has an adjustable temperature between 130 and 190ºC and a heat-insulating housing with a setting especially to make the perfect chips. The bowl capacity is 2.1 litres and the frying basket can take 600g so this is ideal if you're cooking for a family! Oh, it also features foldable handles for space saving storage. 

Silvercrest Deep Fat Fryer, £19.99

3. Kenwood 3-in-1 Can Opener, Was £21.99, Now £17.99

Lidl can opener and knife sharpener

(Image credit: Lidl)

This is the gadget that we didn't know we needed but now we've discovered it... we're obsessed. It's a 3-in-1 multifunctional tool that can be used as a can opener, bottle opener and knife sharpener. It also has a lid-retaining magnet so you can safely dispose of lids and it functions on cans of all shapes and sizes.

Kenwood 3-in-1 Can Opener, Was £21.99, Now £17.99

4. Silvercrest Waffle Maker, £11.99

Lidl kitchen essentials

(Image credit: Lidl)

No age group is immune to the love for waffles and this waffle maker is now on sale at Lidl at a super low cost! It makes up to five heart shaped waffles which is totally adorable and has a high quality, non-stick coating. What's more, it comes with 15 recipe suggestions so you're really getting your moneys worth... think about it: ordering waffles at your fave brunch spot could easily come to more than £11.99 and that's the final price for the tool that creates never-ending supplies if you buy from Lidl!

Silvercrest Waffle Maker, £11.99

5. Salter Rose Gold Edition 2-Slice Toaster, Was £44.99, Now £24.99

Lidl toaster with bronze handles

(Image credit: Lidl)

If you're on the market for a new toaster but want something stylish as well as practical without parting with too much cash, you're in luck. From Sunday 26th January, this rose gold accented toaster will be going on sale and we can't believe the new price! It can accommodate thicker slices of bread, bagels and tea cakes with its wide slots and also has six browning settings to perfect your preferred slice of toast. Cleaning up isn't too much of a task either, thanks to the removable crumb tray.

Salter Rose Gold Edition 2-Slice Toaster, Was £44.99, Now £24.99

6. Salter Rose Gold Edition Kettle, Was £44.99, Now £24.99

Lidl kettle

(Image credit: Lidl)

We love the matt black finish with rose gold accents on this kettle because it means that it not only serves a functional purpose (making you the perfect brew) but also makes a pretty cool kitchen accessory. With a 3KW power level for rapid boil as well as a high 1.7 litre capacity and an easy-view water tank, this kettle promises to get you your money's worth. It has a boil-dry sensor and automatic shutoff as well as a removable, washable filter. 

Salter Rose Gold Edition Kettle, Was £44.99, £24.99

7. Silvercrest Kitchen Radio, £14.99

Lidl kitchen radio

(Image credit: Lild)

There's just something different about streaming music from your laptop and phone to having a good old fashioned radio. This gadget functions as an under-cupboard mounting or tabletop use and has an FM Radio with 30-station memory and PLL reception. It shuts off automatically after two hours and has a night dimmer between 23:00 and 05:00. Keep this in your kitchen so you can sing into your spatula or if you keep it in the bedroom, it has a built in alarm! 

Silvercrest Kitchen Radio, £14.99

8. DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Pod Coffee Machine, Was £49.99, Now £34.99

Lidl coffee machine

(Image credit: Lidl)

If you love coffee you're certainly not alone and that's why the market for coffee machines is super competitive and prices are crazy high. Luckily, we've found this great buy at Lidl which is dropping to £39.99... aaaah! Get your hands on this model quickly, designed exclusively for Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules. No pre-heating required, jump start your day with a lovely barista-quality coffee. 

DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Pod Coffee Machine, Was £49.99, Now £34.99

9. Ernesto Aluminium Sauté Pan, £11.99

Lidl frying pan and sautee pan

(Image credit: Lidl)

We think this non-stick pan is ideal because it's energy saving and looks super expensive despite having a lovely, low price tag. Suitable for all hobs, except induction and comes with a glass lid. Enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen this year, newly equipped with some fresh culinary gear. 

Ernesto Aluminium Sauté Pan, £11.99

10. Sodastream Cool Sparking Water Maker, Was £79.99, Now £44.99

Sparkling water maker from Lidl

(Image credit: Lidl)

We had no idea how easy it was to make sparkling water at home but now we've discovered this amazing gadget and the crazy price cut we're sold. For those of us who love sparkling water but want to do the bit for our environment, this is the best way to avoid buying multiple plastic bottles and this model allows you to personalise the fizziness of your water! Comes with carbonic acid cylinder for about 60L of sparkling water.

Sodastream Cool Sparking Water Maker, Was £79.99, Now £44.99