Lidl's Christmas comfort buys are perfect for beating the winter/Brexit blues

Finding life a little, well, tiring? Lidl Christmas gifts to the rescue: these 'comfort accessories' (their words, not ours) are just what you need – gadgets to help you unwind and destress, without hurting your pocket

Foot massager
(Image credit: Lidl)

When the Middle of Lidl does Christmas, it's not just about the usual festive jumpers, comedy socks and predictable stocking fillers. Nope, they've got way more bases covered, and today, it's what they're calling 'comfort accessories'. 

Yeah, we weren't sure either. However, a little more investigation ('click') and we discover it's all about bringing the comforts of a spa to your very own living room (or to someone else's if you're thinking 'oooh, that would be a perfect gift for Uncle Derek, he's always such a stress head'. 

So, whether you're after a supersize heated boot (yes, really), Shiatsu massage on tap or a heated blanket to snuggle up under while you're binge watching Christmas movies and pigging out on Quality Street, this round up is for you.

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1. Fill your boots with this foot warmer boot, £16.99

Middle of Lidl foot warmer

(Image credit: Lidl)

Foot warmers are such a lifesaver at this time of year, 'cos is it just us, or does it feel like no matter how warm you are, your toes are just eternally freezing in the winter months? These foot warmers heat up super fast, have six settings and automatically switch off after 90 minutes. They fit any feet up to size 12 and don't worry, of course they have a removable, washable fleece lining!

Sanitas Foot Warmer, £16.99

2. Enjoy a Shiatsu foot massage with no distractions, £39.99

Middle of Lidl foot massager

(Image credit: Lidl)

For those of us who love the idea of a foot massage but don't have the time/budget for a human to do it. this Shiatsu foot massager is the dream! It is height adjustable and has 18 rotating massage heads which offer powerful shiatsu foot massage so you can experience a personalised, luxury massage from the comfort of your sofa. There are two speeds and what's more, there's even a heating setting... two for the price of one? Yes, please. 

Sanitas Shiatsu Foot Massager, £39.99

3. Snuggle up on the sofa under a heated blanket, £29.99

Middle of Lidl heated blanket

(Image credit: Lidl)

Heated blankets are one of the greatest inventions, urm, ever. This one is perfect if you're on a budget, with six heat settings and a super soft and breathable fabric. It switches off automatically after three hours and it's even machine washable at 30ºC. Find more great electric blankets in our buyer's guide.

Sanitas Heated Blanket, £29.99

4. Sit back and relax in this Shiatsu massager chair, £79.99

Back massager

(Image credit: Lidl)

Let's be honest, a seat that offers a targeted neck and back massage is a very tempting buy, especially since it offers three intensity levels, targets three massage zones and has a vibration setting. It switches off after 15 minutes but we've got a feeling it'll be used for more than 15 minutes a day once your family realises its superpowers!

Medisana Shiatsu Chair Massager, £79.99

5. De-stress with this neck and back heat pad, £16.99

Lidl massager

(Image credit: Lidl)

Always pulling your back? Or do you spend all day at a keyboard (we feel that)? Just loosely strap this heat pad onto your back and let it do its thing. It's adjustable and has six heat settings meaning you can wear it to suit your needs. It heats up fast and automatically turns off after 90 minutes meaning its power consumption is low. If you have a bad back or just need to decompress and indulge... for just £16.99, we reckon this is the gadget for you.

Sanitas Back and Neck Heat Pad, £16.99

6. Banish shoulder pain and the chills, £16.99

Middle of Lidl shoulder heater

(Image credit: Lidl)

So much tension is stored in our shoulders so they are well worth the investment... and for just £16.99? This is a no brainer. These heated shoulder pads are soothing and effective, with six heat settings and a fast heat-up time. They switch off automatically after 90 minutes and can even be washed in the washing machine at 30ºC. If only they weren't mains powered – we'd wear them to the shops/on dog walks!

Sanitas Shoulder Heat Pad, £16.99

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