Lidl's Christmas baking essentials are perfect for cooks on a budget

You need Lidl's Christmas baking essentials to get your cooking skills on!

Lidl's Christmas baking essentials aprons and gloves for christmas
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Lidl's Christmas baking essentials are decking out the Middle of Lidl this week – and they're going to be your fave culinary companions over the festive period. Why? Well, if you've only recently got into baking, spurred on, perhaps, by Bake Off, you might need to kit out your kitchen all at once – and at this time of year, you'll want to do that on a budget. Or, perhaps you know a budding cook and want to gift them some culinary kit for Christmas.

Whatever, Lidl's selection is festive, useful and spot on when it comes to affordable pricing – and there's everything from food mixers to tea towels. So, keep scrolling to check out which festive finds we think you should have in your kitchen for a crazy low price (as per usual, when it comes to Lidl).

1. Get your domestic god(dess) on with this stand mixer

Food mixer from Lidl

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Ooooh, will you look what we’ve got here? This Russell Hobbs stand mixer is boasting a price tag of only £99. The bold red finish with black accents is iconic and will look great on your kitchen countertops. Plus, its features are extensive so it isn’t just good looking but functional, too! With 10 continuously selectable speed levels, a blender attachment, whisk, flat stirrer and dough hook it is fully kitted out. What’s more is that it comes with a transparent splash guard with a filling opening so you can say goodbye to the cake mixture splattered all over your room. The mixing bowl capacity is 5 litres and it even has an ice crusher so it has pretty much everything! 

Russell Hobbs Desire Stand Mixer, Was £129.99, Now £99.

2. Small kitchen? This hand mixer is the perfect buy

Food mixer from Lidl

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This Russell Hobbs hand mixer is a gorgeous piece that you could buy for your own kitchen or as a present for a friend or family member who's just got into cooking. It can stand on its base and comes with handy accessories: stainless steel hooks and beaters plus kneading hooks. These can be easily ejected with the press of a button and there are five speed settings plus a turbo function. 

Russell Hobbs Desire Food Hand Mixer, Was £21.99, Now £14.99.

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3. Weigh up your festive food with these digital kitchen scales

Lidl weighing scales

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We wanted to weigh up the pros and cons of bagging this bargain priced weighing scale ahead of the Christmas cooking season but we couldn’t find any negatives… especially for that price! So, it has an auto shut-off function, a tare function and an automatic zero and overload indicator. It is also super efficient with precise weighing to the gram. We can’t believe it can weigh up to 5kg! Choose from a selection of different Crimbo patterns. Oh and the battery is included. We love! 

Silvercrest Digital Kitchen Scales, £5.99.

4. Baked goods taste better from a high-quality but low-price tin

Lidl cake tin

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Urm did somebody say lifesaver? These cake tins are absolutely what we need in the run up to Christmas when our culinary tricks are on demand to help and host all of those family and friends' parties. Choose from a mini springform cake tin and a mini round fluted cake tin… or buy both as they’re only £2.49 each. They are high quality with non-stick coating (phew) and are also easy to clean. We can’t ask for much more at that price. 

Ernesto Cake Tin, £2.49.

5. Stack these tins up with Christmas treats

Lidl cake tins

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Omgggg how cute are these gorgeous stackable Christmas storage tins? Shown here is the gingerbread, snowman and Christmas tree assortment, but you have GOT to check out the stackable snowman because that’s deffo our fave (it’s adorable). You can never have too many treats in the holiday season and what better way to store them and keep them fresh than in these sets of three perfect stylish tins, made from high quality tin-plate? 

Ernesto Festive Tin Set, £3.99.

6. Gift an apron and kitchen gloves 

Lidl apron

(Image credit: Lidl)

You can’t go into the Christmas holiday season without at least one terrible Christmas jumper and one brilliant Christmas apron. Lidl is selling these patterned festive aprons with matching oven gloves to bring a bit of Christmas cheer into your kitchen this winter. Choose from a selection of four and enjoy hosting in true holiday spirit! 

Meradiso Festive Kitchen Textiles Set, £4.99.

7. These cute tea towels will bring festive cheer to your kitchen

Lidl tea towels

(Image credit: Lidl)

Everyone needs some festive tea towels in their life. There isn’t much we can say about these other than that they are 100 percent cotton, they measure 50cm x 70cm, they are machine washable at 60ºC and they are erm... really cute. You get two in a pack for just £1.99 so you’ll see us down at Lidl grabbing a few. 

Meradiso Festive Tea Towel, £1.99.

8. This baking tray is adjustable to suit your Christmas cooking needs

Lidl baking tray

(Image credit: Lidl)

This baking tray is length adjustable and consists of two parts which have a double-sided non-stick coating. If there’s any time of the year when an extra baking tray is needed in your kitchen, it’s the cold winter months (especially on Christmas Day). Get prepared and grab this super nifty one, now. 

Zenker Universal Adjustable Baking Tray, £4.99.

9. Christmas calls for a recipe book revamp… on a budget

Lidl recipe book

(Image credit: Lidl)

If you don’t live with someone who waits for Christmas for their yearly dose of recipe books, then you probably are that person. Lidl has chopped the price of these three sweet tooth recipe books from £9.99 to £1.99 and we would recommend getting in there quickly to secure your own! 

Octopus Baking Book, Was £9.99, Now £1.99

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