There's a kamado-style Grill Meister at Lidl for less than $100, and it's a small space steal

A kamado grill might be small, but its price tag certainly isn't — this Lidl find is the perfect budget and space-friendly pick

The kamado grill meister from Lidl on a grassy background
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If you're short on space but want big, smoky flavor, a kamado-style ceramic grill at Lidl offers a compact frame, extensive features, and a see-it-to-believe-it price tag. 

Kamado grills typically range from $300-$800, and some even dip into triple-digits territory. The budget-friendly Grill Meister Kamado-Style Ceramic Grill from Lidl is already considered a popular item amongst shoppers, which means you'll have to act fast if you want one for your patio this summer.  

Since no small backyard idea is complete without a culinary component, have a look at the latest Lidl sensation on your next grocery store run. Cheese burger, anyone?

See the kamado-style Grill Meister, Lidl's latest flyer find

Some of the best grills — like the Weber Genesis EX-335 Outdoor Stainless Steel Gas Grill at Walmart, which earned a Real Homes gold seal of excellence — are pricey and quite large, whereas this tiny fella from Lidl allows for smoking, baking, grilling, and high-temperature cooking, but cuts down on space.

If you're trying to figure out how to barbecue right, there are reasons to consider the kamado style. For one the quality and durability are likely to last a lifetime, and they're known for A+ heat retention and fuel efficiency.

Considering Lidl's offering clocks in at just 23 inches high, this selection might surprise you with its capabilities. The stainless steel sliding bottom vent and cast iron top are the perfect combination to keep temperatures contained, while the inner fire ring and fire box comprised of premium ceramic enable optimum heat retention. 

And things will get hot: expect long-lasting heat diffusion and distribution from 122°-842° Fahrenheit.

The Grill Meister also comes with other nifty features you'll appreciate, like a sturdy bamboo handle and integrated thermometer. Although it's somewhat small, do keep in mind that at 50 lbs, it's likely heavier than your average portable grill.

Although you cannot order directly from Lidl's website, you can visit your local store or place an order on Instacart, depending on your location, to snag a grill. Prices and labels may vary by location, according to Lidl. 

If you aren't able to catch one at Lidl, we've rounded up other selections at different price points that are comparable to Lidl's offering. 

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