This Lidl bath caddy will make you feel like you're in a spa for just $14.99 — plus 3 alternatives

We went in for groceries, but the Lidl bath caddy swayed us in another direction

bamboo lidl bath caddy on a pink bubbly background
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Trust us, you need the Lidl bath caddy. They say it's the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also the most hectic, and nothing feels quite as soothing as a nice bath when things get stressful. 

Designers will insist that the way to reach peak zen vibes in the W.C. is courtesy of plush towels, fresh fragrances, and calm lighting. We, however, insist upon a dip in the tub. Personally, we consider it a non-negotiable. 

So if you're looking for small bathroom ideas — namely for your small bathroom to feel like a spa — we highly suggest adding this sucker to your shopping cart. 

Check out the Lidl bath caddy

The Livarno Home bamboo bathtub caddy was created with ultimate relaxation in mind. The expandable tool has anything you could possibly need for a zen evening: an adjustable book holder, a smartphone holder — in the event you need a quick Pinterest peruse in between splashes — and even a wine glass holder, because obviously. It's suitable for tubs 27.5 to 40.5 in in width and perfectly suited for humidity. (Here's how to keep a small bathroom dry once you're out of the bath, FYI.)

It's important to note that you cannot order directly from Lidl's website, but you can visit your local store or place an order on Instacart, depending on your location. And JSYK, Lidl does not offer a stock checking system online or through Customer Care. All of that is to say, you need to snag this baby before it's gone.

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Should your local Lidl not have the caddy in stock, we've rounded up other picks we know you'll love. (Pro tip: leave one of the best plants for bathrooms nearby for peak zen vibes.) 

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