Shoppers are snagging the Levoit Core Mini air purifier to combat pollen season — with over 40k sold last month alone

Your allergies will thank you for bringing the Levoit Core Mini air purifier into your home

Levoit Core Mini air purifier
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Pollen season is no joke, but thankfully the Levoit Core Mini air purifier is here to save the day. If you're caught in the clutches of seasonal allergies, investing in a great air purifier will help cut back on unpleasant symptoms at home. 

From sneezing to watery eyes, those spring blooms can be troublesome. However, an air purifier such as Levoit Core Mini air purifier, available on Amazon, with the right filter can help catch particles in the air that are triggering your allergies. 

Last month, the Levoit air purifier flew off shelves with over 40,000 sold on Amazon alone. We take a look at why this device is one of the best air purifiers and how it can help improve your home.

Why we're loving the Levoit Core Mini air purifier

Looking to clean up the air in your home? The Levoit Core Mini air purifier might just do the trick. With over 23k reviews, Amazon shoppers certainly seem to think so. 

The Core Mini is a scaled-down version of the Levoit Core 300, which we reviewed, loved and rated four out of five stars for it's quiet operation, affordability and filter functions. 

The Core Mini is only 6.5 inches wide and 10.4 inches high, so you can place it just about anywhere in your home. Plus, it only weighs 2.33 pounds, a fraction of it's bigger and equally hard-working sister, making this petite version easier to move around. 

As a team of small-space dwellers, we know how much any surface or floor space comes at a premium and those of us who suffer allergies agree we'd be willing to part with the small square footage needed for the Core Mini, in exchange for its reportedly quiet air purification. Space-saving features for the win!

The 3-in-1 filter is made from activated carbon and uses 360° VortexAir Technology to catch all kinds of airborne particles from pollen to pet dander. It's small but mighty, covering 240 square feet. 

Amazon reviewers particularly love how quiet this machine is, operating at less than 25dB. That means you can run the purifier during the night so you can sleep more comfortably without disruption from allergy irritation. 

Looking to get rid of pet odor in a small space? You can add a couple of drops of essential oil to the filter to help combat nasty smells. One reviewer describes using the Levoit Core Mini air purifier in a 500-square-foot studio apartment with a strong smell of cat litter and after returning four hours later, the smell was gone.

Levoit Core Mini air purifier

(Image credit: Amazon)

Why should you invest in an air purifier?

Air purifiers are great if you're concerned about the air quality in your home. "Air purifiers are designed to clean the air of pollutants," says Josh Mitchell, an HVAC technician and the owner of

"They use filters, often HEPA filters, to capture particles like dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander. Some models also include activated carbon filters to reduce odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Air purifiers are particularly beneficial for people with allergies or respiratory conditions, as they can help remove allergens and irritants from the air," says Josh. 

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, an air purifier can pollen-proof your home by trapping those particles that you would otherwise be breathing in. As long as you clean your air purifier regularly, it should make a great difference. 

 Josh Mitchell
Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell is an HVAC technician, home appliance specialist and owner of and a go-to source for all things related to home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Josh strives to make complex HVAC concepts accessible to the average homeowner by simplifying technical jargon, providing practical tips and information to help homeowners make informed decisions about HVAC products and solutions.

Once your air purifier is secured, add a few extra finishing touches for maximum air quality. Decorate with a couple of air-purifying plants that not only look great but help combat pollutants, too. 

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