Large decorative pots for indoor plants — all under $80

Large decorative pots for indoor plants might have to accommodate sizable greenery, but they don't have to be pricey

Monstera palm and ficus lyrata leaves in raised stylish metal pots on parquet wooden floor in living room
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As your collection grows in quantity and size, you'll need large decorative pots for indoor plants to keep your flora healthy. And, it won't hurt if they're stylish, too. 

While some green selections do nicely on shelves or countertops, other sizable leafy pieces require a display area or floor space of their own — and we've uncovered just what you need for the occasion.

Let's be honest, half the fun of selecting the best indoor plants is finding cute pots to house them. Our expert shoppers have gathered larger selections for your apartment garden, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Large decorative pots for indoor plants

"Plants are one of the easiest and most natural options to brighten up your personal space," says Alfred Palomares, the vice president of merchandising and self-described resident plant dad at, the retailer which named the 2024 plant and flower of the year.

We couldn't agree more, but we'd be remiss not to credit the cute plant accessories that help keep them nourished. 

When working with large decorative pots, you'll want to ensure there's a proper drainage system — or easy ways to remove your plants, if not — the pot itself is roughly two inches larger than the plant itself, and the roots have enough space to absorb nutrients and grow. 

If you have a little extra room to work with, try the CJGQ Store's Pebbles for Plants on Amazon.

Alfred Palomares
Alfred Palomares

Alfred Palomares is the vice president of merchandising, and self-described resident plant dad at He recommends styling your houseplants in your favorite spot of the house, while keeping all care requirements in mind, and letting them complement one another.

What to shop

Have large plants that need a new home? We're here to help. These will also work nicely with your flourishing, fabulous tropical indoor plants.

All plant parents could use a little help now and then. We've curated a list of our favorite self-watering planters undr $20 and the best grow lights for indoor plants under $30 to assist when gardening demands get heavy. 

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