Katie Couric's backyard is perfect for spring — here's how to recreate the look

You'll swoon over Katie Couric's backyard

Katie Couric at an event in a pink floral dress next to a picture of grass and a hammock and blue Adirondack chair
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Katie Couric's backyard proves that the journalist and new grandma has mastered easy outdoor furniture.

In a fun tribute to World Poetry Day, Katie took to the platform with her favorite E. E. Cummings piece, "Maggie and Milly and Molly and May," all while basking in her bucolic surroundings.

If you're searching for small backyard ideas in preparation for the warm weather, you'll want to check out what the reporter has cooked up in her space, particularly when it comes to seating.

Check out Katie Couric's backyard

While going through each verse of the poem, you can't help but notice Katie's gorgeous florals and cozy hammock in the distance — hot real estate on warm, sunny days, no doubt. It looks like a great place to curl up with a poetry collection regularly, so we asked designer Nina Lichtenstein how to make the nook happen in a small outdoor space. 

"Choose a location that offers both tranquility and visual appeal," she says. "Seek out areas with natural beauty, whether it's beneath the shade of a leafy tree, overlooking a serene garden, or alongside a sparkling pool."

From there, you'll want to work with the best material for outdoor furniture, like weather-resistant fabric or synthetic rope, to ensure that you're going to be supported while you kick back with a book. 

"Ensure the stability and safety of your outdoor hammock by installing sturdy supports or anchors," Nina adds. "Whether it's securing the hammock between two sturdy trees, attaching it to a pergola or outdoor beams, or utilizing freestanding hammock stands, prioritize stability to enjoy worry-free relaxation."

As much as you might want to copy the look of the Katie Couric Instagram post, Nina doesn't want you to be afraid to switch things up, either. She suggests adding outdoor decor trends like fun cushions and throws, outdoor string lights, and even plants. 

"Embrace the alfresco lifestyle and transform your outdoor oasis into a haven of comfort and elegance," she adds. 

Even if you're working with a small space, envision creating a nice retreat, full of greenery, where you can simply unwind. 

A picture of Nina Lichtenstein, a woman wearing a green jumpsuit
Nina Lichtenstein

When Nina Lichtenstein designs a home, it is more than just a house. It is a haven. One tailored to a family's distinctive tastes, daily rituals, special gatherings, and long-term dreams. It is a nest from which to launch lives and make memories for generations to come. Her use of diverse textures and elegant blends of stone, wood, and other natural materials are part of her signature style.

What to shop

If the Katie Couric Instagram shot has left you feeling inspired to do some al fresco decorating, shop these fun picks to embrace a similar style:

Have other backyard pockets of space you'd like to fill? The best outdoor furniture will help you get started on the refresh.

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