16 comfy hammocks for hanging out in your backyard

Chill out in one of these dreamy hammocks, perfect for backyard reading, lounging or camping. Choose from hammocks with stands, hammock chairs, portable options and more.

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Hammocks can transform a meager backyard into a private retreat in a hot minute. There really is nothing like the lull of the swaying motion to really kick back and relax in style. 

And if we're ranking the best garden furniture around, we think hammocks should be right up near the top due to their sheer indulgent purpose – and for that swaying motion too. But with so many options to choose from, it's quite hard to determine which type is best for your outdoor space. We can help with that.

If you love lounging outside with a juicy read, we've got stylish hammocks to fit in with your backyard aesthetic, whether you're into bohemian or ultra-modern. And if you're the outdoorsy type, we have some great portable options to take camping.

Or maybe you're stuck with a compact outdoor space? We've got options that'll fit into the tightest of spots, from hammocks with stands to hammock chairs.

16 hammocks to hang out in  

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Amaliya Double Spreader Bar Hammock - joss and main

(Image credit: Joss & Main)

1. Amaliya Double Spreader Bar Hammock

Hammock: W55 x D81 in | Color options: 3

In a woven polyester fabric, this durable double hammock is super comfortable with its curved bamboo spreader bar design. Easily foldable, you can store it in the smallest of spaces, and it's so simple to roll up, your options are open to wherever you want to go to relax.

Lydney Hanging Chaise Lounger with Stand - Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

2.  Lydney Hanging Chaise Lounger with Stand

Hammock: H84.25 x W158 x L59 in | Color options: 1

This super comfortable cotton chaise lounger hammock is the perfect place to relax. With an in-built wooden stand, it's great for backyards without hanging places for a hammock like between trees. You can even take it indoors when it's not great weather and sway 'til your heart's content while staying cozy.

Pillowtop Hammock with Spreader Bar Tropical Leaf - target

(Image credit: Target)

3. Tropical leaf print pillowtop hammock with spreader bar

Hammock: H75.6 x W121.2 x D121.2 in | Color options: 1

In a peach tropical leaf print, this pillowtop hammock is a sunny day classic for your patio. With spreader bars to make the soft cushioning even more comfy, it just requires hanging hardware a stand for easy installation. Spacious enough for two people, it has a thick rope construction with metal hoops for extra stability and strength.

Algoma 11-ft. Single Rope Hammock - kohls

(Image credit: Kohls)

4. Algoma 11-ft. Single Rope Hammock

Hammock: H98.43 x W80.71 x D80.71 in | Colors available: 1

Cast away (sorry) your cares in this classic style rope and wood hammock that'll look picture perfect hung up between two trees or on a stand in your backyard. Suitable for just one, make this your little solitary retreat with a drink in hand. It'll support up to 300 lbs and measures 11 feet in length. Just enough space to really relax.

urban outfitters boho fringe hammock

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

5. Boho fringed outdoor hammock

Hammock: L86.61 x W45.28 in | Colors available: 1

Finished with an intricate macrame-woven fringed trim, this heavy cotton hammock showstopper is the perfect addition to any boho style outdoor space. All you need is some hanging hardware like these from Amazon and you're all set for lazy days lounging in this beauty. Team with lush green plants for a relaxed, tropical garden vibe.

Large 2 Person Quilted Hammock Combo with Pillow and Stand - overstock

(Image credit: Overstock)

6. Large 2 Person Quilted Hammock Combo with Pillow & Stand

Hammock: H48 x W55 x L132 in | Colors available: 5

No trees in your backyard? No problem. This 11 foot portable and compact steel hammock stand is weather resistant and is also both mold and mildew resistant. In a soothing design with multiple colorways, the hammock also comes with a comfy pillow for extra support, while its quilted surface makes it super easy to get into.

Brionne Canvas Swing Chair - wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

7. Brionne Canvas Swing Chair

Hammock seat: W16.5 x D16.5 in | Colors available: 1

If space is limited in your outdoor space, a hanging chair is the perfect hammock type. Featuring a canvas cushioned seat and back for extra comfort and support, it also has wooden arms for even more stability. A stand isn't included but that can be picked up relatively affordably. Then all you need to do is chill out.

Sol Living Acapulco Mexican Patio Hammock Cotton Hammock Set Double - lowes

(Image credit: Lowes)

8. Sol Living Patio Hammock

Hammock: L59 in | Colors available: 1

Make your patio a tropical hideaway with this traditional, handmade Mexican style tree hammock which will look equally good as a go-to lounge spot on the porch. Handcrafted with yarn, the hammock has a weight capacity of 450 lbs and is great for relaxing solo or with others. It comes with a fabric bag so it's easy to take with you, whether you're headed to the park or a camping trip.

Bening Double Hammock

(Image credit: Wayfair)

9. Bening Double Hammock

Hammock: D74 x W55 in| Colors available: 1

In a coastal farmhouse style, this quilted double hammock is made from durable and UV resistant polyester in a classic black and white stripe pattern. The O-ring on each end makes it easy to install on trees or on a stand, both of which you'll need to buy hanging hardware seperately.

Saratoga Hammock - anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

10. Saratoga Hammock

Hammock: L78.75 x W39.5 in| Colors available: 1

Whether you're star gazing or just sunbathing, this boho style crochet and fringed hammock is crafted using water-resistant cotton. In a yellow and white  color palette it will look the part in your backyard. Just add plenty of pillows and lots of colorful flowers and plants.

Bchester Double Spreader Bar Hammock with Stand - Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

11. Bchester Double Spreader Bar Hammock with Stand

Hammock: H51 x W138.2 x 51.2 in| Colors available: 5

Compact and conveniently foldable, this hammock is the perfect addition to any adventure, whether you're off to a festival or relaxing on the beach. With a  quilted top, it's super comfortable for reading, sleeping or just daydreaming. Plus you can use it indoors and out.

fatboy headdemock deluxe hammock color red - 2Modern

(Image credit: 2Modern)

12. Headdemock Deluxe Outdoor Hammock

Hammock: H43 x W40 x D130 in| Colors available: 9

Suitable for relaxing indoors and outdoors, the Headdemock deluxe outdoor hammock from Fatboy has all the right credentials. Crafted from a non-woven polyester mesh for durability and breathability, its protective coating makes it resistant to moisture and stains. Fitting up to three people, it has a super sturdy frame and is perfect for on-the-go excursions too with its carry case.

double weave fringed hammock colonial navy blue - west elm

(Image credit: West Elm)

13. Double Weave Fringed Hammock

Hammock: L156 x W39.6 in| Colors available: 1

Handmade by skilled artisans in organic cotton, this navy blue and white beauty is made for taking naps, snuggling and relaxing. With two teak wood spreader bars, it's super easy to get in and out of and can be used indoors and out. Although, we'd recommend only using it only on non-rainy days. You'll need to buy hanging hardware to complete the look.

Handwoven Hanging Chair Hammock Swing - Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

14. Handwoven Hammock Swing

Hammock: L68 x W42 x H42 in| Colors available: 9

Featured on ABC's Shark Tank, this handwoven one-person hammock chair is perfect for sitting (like in a chair) or laying back (like in a full body hammock). You can take this lightweight chair pretty much anywhere with Go Anywhere hanging straps like these from Vivaterra and its compact tote. Handwoven by artisans using yellow leaf, each hammock is signed by the maker so you can directly connect to the positive impact each hammock provides, helping to break the cycle of poverty for the craftspeople and their families.

15. Sunshade parasol with crank system

YUCAN Hammock Chair Stand with Hanging Swing Chair

(Image credit: Amazon)

Hammock: H59 x D36 x W33 in| Colors available: 1

The YUCAN hammock stand and hanging chair is a great space-saving option for smaller backyards, occupying around 9 square feet. The stand is made from weather resistant iron and the hanging chair is cotton with two cushions for extra comfort. 

Sorbus Double Chair Hammock - Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

16. Sorbus Double Chair Hammock

Hammock: H52 x W55 x L20 in| Colors available: 1

Big into macramé? You'll love this double hammock swing then. Perfect for indoors or out, it has a bench style frame to get into it easily. It's versatile enough to function as a hammock chair for unwinding after a long day or just to have out when friends come over for extra seating or as an interesting conversation piece. Just add some fringed cushions and you're good to go. Plus, you can set it up in minutes. We're sold.

boho hammock in a outdoor patio - Urban Outfitters

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

How do I choose a hammock? 

When choosing a hammock, these are the things you might want to consider:

  • Weight capacity: Single hammocks usually have a width of around four to five feet and can take between 300 to 400 pounds. Whereas, A double hammock has five to six feet of space and can take 400 to 500 pounds. 
  • Hanging types: From those with a spreader bar to spread out the fabric and hanging chaise lounges to chair swings and classic tree hammocks, there are a lot of different types of hammocks to choose from. Think about your outdoor space and which type would best suit it.
  • Hammock material: The most popular fabrics include polyester – which is not only fade-resistant and durable, it'll put up a good fight against mildew. While cotton is super breathable and soft, perfect for when the sun's out. However, if you live in a rainy clime, it might be best to goev cotton a miss. Sunbrella fabric is another more specialist fabric option –  it's fade- and weather-resistant and keeps colors vibrant.
  • Special features: Look out for special features like if the hammock comes with a canopy or a pillow, or whether it has preassembled parts, quick drying materials or whether it's even suitable for outdoors. 

Amber Dunford, Style Director at Overstock.com advises, 'When choosing a hammock, it is important to consider the area where it will live. Free-standing hammocks do best on stable ground, so opt for a flat area like a patio or on pavers. Since hammocks are often used for naps, reading, or just relaxing, I would suggest placing your hammock in an area with a little shade to help it feel even more comfortable.'

'Under an umbrella, a shaded pergola or tree can create dappled lighting, which is relaxing for our minds. Humans feel more recharged and calm when they are able to view nature, so face your hammock towards views. Whether you have a mountain view, or even just a home garden, facing it outwards to an open space with natural elements can relax the mind.'

'A good rule of thumb on sizing, is to select a hammock that is approximately 2 feet longer than your own height. Cotton or polyester hammocks will feel more comfortable to the touch, while a synthetic material like nylon will be quicker drying and may be more convenient for a space next to a pool.'

double weave fringed hammock colonial in navy blue on a small porch area - west elm

(Image credit: West Elm)

Which type of hammock is best? 

The best type of hammock is one that fits in to your backyard space and lifestyle. 

Amber explains, 'I like a hammock that lays a bit more flat on the surface area, I find these easier to get in and out of versus some of the larger hammocks that can quickly envelop you if you don’t sit carefully.'

'A hammock should be cohesive with your outdoor furniture, so if you are working with wood accents for example, I would consider a sturdy wood hammock base that compliments your other outdoor pieces.'

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