Justina Blakeney styled Barbie's Dreamhouse into a TikTok design trend — here's how to copy the bold look

Get in on the Justina Blakeney Barbie collab in your own home

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The Justina Blakeney/Barbie collab sees our favorite style icons joining forces for creative good, and we're swooning over the vibrant results of the artsy Dreamhouse. Where was this treasure when we were growing up!

"My hope was to create a space where Barbie could embrace her individuality and be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of textures, hues, and plant life," Justina says.

The boho virtuoso decided to take her home decor skills and make them pint-sized to suit our favorite doll, and in the process, she channels one of the beloved TikTok interior trends for 2024. Naturally, we're planning to follow suit in our own (life-sized) space.

Check out the Justina Blakeney BarbieStyle collab

Ahead of the holidays, Justina took her childhood pastime to a new level by styling a Barbie Dreamhouse alongside BarbieStyle. But it's not an ordinary pink and plastic extravaganza — this is a maximalism vision complete with colorful geometric rugs, velvet throw pillows, patterned wallpaper, and '70s accents. It's dopamine decor at its finest, and a TikTok goldmine. 

While the items aren't available for dolls or humans, we can get pretty close to the style courtesy of Justina's Jungalow line, as well as her Opalhouse Target line

But how do we make maximalism work in our own space? Can our house really be as cool as Barbie's? Spoiler alert: our experts say it can.


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Tips for Channeling Barbie and Justina's Dreamhouse

You can't be afraid of going bright and bold when it comes to maximalism — take it from Justina and Barbie. Rather than start with blank walls, start with color and build out the room from there.

"Consider dramatic paint schemes and ornate wallpapers as the foundational pieces in this lavish puzzle," Bailey Moran, seasoned real estate professional and the COO of Austin TX Realty, previously told Real Homes

"Bedrooms often boast elaborate headboards, kaleidoscopic cushions, and rugs that not only offer comfort, but extend an invitation to live life in full color." 

A picture of Bailey Moran, COO of Austin TX Realty
Bailey Moran

Bailey Moran is a seasoned real estate professional and the COO of Austin TX Realty. She has over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry and has produced over $100M in sales. She's been quoted in ForbesThe Wall Street Journal, and Realtor Magazine.

Make sure to sprinkle complementary accents and textures throughout the space, whether through a patterned couch or a colorful piece of furniture. Of course, no maximalist space is complete without a few indoor plants hanging from the ceiling.

And when mapping it all out, make sure the space is clean and decluttered, since you'll already find yourself working with quite a lot of colors and styles.

Get started with your own Jungalow Dreamhouse with a few of the selections below from Opalhouse, designed with Jungalow.

"This Dreamhouse isn’t just a play space; it’s an invitation for Barbie, her friends, and for all of us to nurture our own creativity, celebrate our own uniqueness, and revel in the magic and the fun of unbridled self-expression," Justina adds. 

We'll keep that in mind as we revamp our own abodes using 2024's small space interior design trends

Feeling inspired by Barbie's at-home glow-up? We can't blame you. Check out our favorite colorful small living room ideas that will brighten your home without overwhelming your senses — we promise.

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