This is not a drill: You can get Juicy Couture bedding on Amazon

Don't worry, it's not velour

Juicy Couture bedding logo on bed grey
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When I see (or think) of Juicy Couture, I immediately think about the early 2000s and the iconic looks hailing from the wardrobes of Kim K, Paris Hilton, and Britney. While it seems like eons ago, it's safe to say Y2K style is back. And while I'm *officially* considered a Gen-Zer, the fact velour tracksuits and rhinestone bedazzled booties are no longer deemed a throwback is everything the '90s baby in me wants to hear. 

But athleisure can step to the side because it's our beds that are getting an aughts upgrade this time around. Yes, the iconic tracksuit brand has a bedding range I can't get enough of — I'm picturing a '00s teenage bedroom but better (and without the Justin Timberlake posters). And don't stress, the bedding isn't just velour. They've got silky bed sheets with embossed logos, leopard-printed throw pillows, and branded blankets that actually aren't as garish as they sound. Tacky? Perhaps. Am I obsessed? Absolutely. 

If you're after the kitsch aesthetic and logo prints and bling are your thing, then I'm sure you'll love it, too. A bunch of these Juicy Couture bedding picks are on Amazon (I know!), so I've shopped around and dropped a few of my fave picks for you to check out. Yes, Amazon is one of the best bedding brands out there, BTW.

Juicy Couture bedding for a bedroom throwback

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