Joanna Gaines' storage hack is a simple way to curate your favorite books on a budget

It's a simple idea you can edit as your book collection grows

joanna gaines
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If your bookshelves are straining under the weight of all your favorite reads, fear not. There are plenty of creative book storage ideas for displaying your books in small spaces.

In a video on YouTube, Joanna Gaines shares a simple and cost-effective way to store your books, plants and decorative pieces. You simply need some plain wooden storage boxes with one side open, stacked up against a wall.

joanna gaines

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Joanna creates a modular grid of cube storage out of boxes that can be switched around as a simple and modern living room idea. Taking multiple boxes creates a feature in any room, and somewhere to curate books.

'A fun design element that we incorporated in this modern project were these really simple boxes,' she begins. 'What I feel makes this modern is its very clean lines, it's simple, it's pretty raw.

IKEA crate storage

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'You can really incorporate this look anywhere, whether it be the living room or a kids' bedroom, a playroom, or even a mudroom. Great for storage, but it also can highlight any of your favorite art pieces, your favorite books - so it can really go a long way.'

'It's unique, and as time goes on you can add to it, take away, modify it,' Joanna adds. 'But I think it's interesting enough to really set the space apart.'

She goes on to say that what's great about this entire concept is that you don't have to spend thousands on built-in shelving or cabinetry. Her living room feature made up of wooden boxes only cost around $150.

cube storage

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So if you have some free wall space, you can use IKEA storage boxes, reclaimed wood, slatted wood or old crates and wicker baskets to create a similar effect. Nestle your hall of fame-worthy books and some succulents and you're good to go.

The boxes can equally well be displayed on top of a single shelf and moved around as your book collection grows.

If after a while you want to change things up, you can use the wooden boxes elsewhere, making for handy storage in the hallway or children's room.

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