Jessie James Decker is here to get you beach body ready — with the help of Amazon Live

Jessie James Decker reveals these are the products to get your body in top-notch shape

Jessie James Decker beach body prep
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Jessie James Decker is in great shape! The singer is constantly showing off her toned beach body to her 3.6 million Instagram followers, and if you're wondering how she stays in such good shape? The mom-of-three teamed up with Amazon Live to make it a bit easier to follow her lead. 

"We are getting so close to that beautiful summer weather, and if you are like me, you want to get in really good shape," explains Decker. 

As a "huge Amazon lover," most of her routines rely on the best gym home equipment. From balance balls to dumbbells, "I get super motivated when I have all my stuff to get going," concludes Decker. 

Now, if you need a precise list on how to snap into shape the Jessie James Decker way, here are the seven must-have items on her list. 

The items Jessie James Decker swears by to keep her beach body in check:

1. This wireless set of headphones

Jessie James Decker Amazon Live headphones

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Apple AirPods Pro (opens in new tab) l Was $249, Now $199, at Amazon

Set the tone for all of your workouts with these noise-canceling wireless headphones (opens in new tab). Perfect for living life on the go, they're equipped enough to fit into any bag or tote and will be the small item making a big difference. 

2. This exercise mat

Jessie James Decker yoga mat

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Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness (opens in new tab) for $19.18, at Amazon

If you are looking for the best yoga mat (opens in new tab), look no further than right here (opens in new tab). Ideal for any exercise routine such as yoga, pilates, or floor exercises, this option offers the right amount of cushion and support to keep you comfortable. 

3. This jump rope

Jessie James Decker jump rope

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DEGOL Skipping Rope with Ball Bearings  (opens in new tab)l Was $10.89, Now $9.99, at Amazon

If the thought of running is giving you nightmares, give your body an equally beneficial workout with this jump rope. (opens in new tab)Designed with ball bearings to avoid twisting, this item will keep your heart pumping and stamina in check. 

4. This chic water bottle

Jessie James Decker water bottle

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BuildLife Gallon Motivational Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Straw  (opens in new tab)starting at $9.99, at Amazon

"I am the hydration queen," says Jessie James Decker, and with this water bottle (opens in new tab) that features an included straw, timed stamps, and motivational quotes, you will be too.

Check out our best water bottle (opens in new tab) buying guide for more options! 

5. This bestselling blender

Jessie James Decker blender

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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender (opens in new tab) for $17.99, at Amazon

When it comes to the best blenders, (opens in new tab) this 14oz version (opens in new tab) ranks high on our list. Perfect for on-the-go schedules, this portable blender will whip up your favorite smoothies and drinks in seconds. 

6. This multi-functional ball

Jessie James Decker ball

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URBNFit Exercise Ball  (opens in new tab)starting at $14.97, at Amazon

Suitable for use up to 200lbs, this exercise ball (opens in new tab)is excellent for yoga, pilates and stretching, while also aiding relief with back pain during pregnancy and improving your overall posture and core strength. 

7. This set of dumbbells

Jessie James Decker dumbbells

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Portzon Set of 2 Neoprene Dumbbell (opens in new tab)starting at $9.98, at Amazon

Lastly, a set of the best dumbbells (opens in new tab)can go a long way, and this perfect pair (opens in new tab)ranks high on our must-have list. You'll sculpt, tone, and lean out muscles in know time when scooping up this set. 

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