Jackie Aina's luxe Christmas tree decorations are seriously elegant — here's how to get the look

The beauty influencer's Christmas decorations are as on point as her makeup

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Jackie Aina's luxe Christmas tree decorations have made me rethink my whole festive decorating game. Her combination of red and gold metallic matched with natural elements looks super elegant, while still looking really cozy and inviting.

Jackie is known for being a beauty influencer, with over 3.5m subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 1.9m followers on her Instagram feed. She's known for her videos that teach and give confidence to women of color. Her fabulous makeup looks are super glam, so I'm not surprised that her festive home decor matches this vibe.

Looking through Christmas decorating ideas and want to make your Christmas tree look regal and refined? I've spoken to our deputy editor who absolutely loves the holiday season about what makes Jackie's tree so special, plus picked out some buys to help you get the look.

Jackie Aina's luxe Christmas tree decorations

Searching for Christmas tree decorating ideas for the holidays? Jackie Aina's decorations are the perfect source of inspo.

Why we love Jackie Aina's luxe Christmas tree decorations

When decorating your tree, you just can’t go wrong with styling it with a Christmas color scheme. “The sophisticated palette of red, gold, and white give it a cohesive feel that’s chic without looking too over the top,” says Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes

Emily Lambe
Emily Lambe

Emily is the deputy editor of Real Homes. She's always on the lookout for on-trend decor that's suitable for rentals. Christmas is one of her favorite times of year and she loves finding new ways to decorate for it.

This is not only brought through with round ornaments and string lights but also natural elements like pine cones and berry branches. “The gold-brushed pine cones could easily be made at home as a DIY Christmas decoration idea, by picking your own off the ground at a local nature reserve, washing them, and then finishing with a glittery gold paint,” she adds. The crisscross shaped decor could also be made at home, with recycled wood, white paint, and string.

Even the size of it is something to behold.  “Scale is often tricky for people to figure out, but she's perfectly matched the size of the tree to her beautifully elevated entryway, ” says Emily Piepenbrink, Christmas designer and owner of Made Merry. “The only small change I'd want to make is to swap out that tree skirt for something that's as fabulous as her wardrobe.”

A picture of Emily Piepenbrink in front of a bookshelf
Emily Piepenbrink

After working for interior designers to decorate clients’ homes for Christmas, having holiday designs and photoshoots published in magazines, Emily Piepenbrink started Made Merry to share her passion for Christmas decor.

Finally, the cherry on top — or shall we say, the star on top — is the elegant take on the traditional tree topper. “Instead of going for a cliché five-pointed star, Jackie has gone for a star with slimline points.” Emily says that this would work particularly well on a tree in a smaller home, as it would add the illusion of more width.

Even if you don’t have a large tree like Jackie’s, you can still copy the fundamentals of this look with a smaller tree to get a similar effect. You could even match your Christmas wreath with the same color palette and natural textures to create a unified look throughout your home. This is an easy way to make your home feel more festive.

Get the look with these luxe-looking Christmas decoration buys

Loving Jackie Aina's luxe Christmas decorations, and want to style your tree in a similar way? Here are three buys that will help you do just that on a budget.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Whether you go for a red and gold palette like Jackie or go for a different look scheme entirely, sticking to just one color scheme when decorating your Christmas tree is an easy way to make it look chic and well-styled.

Now that you've finished decorating your tree, you might be wondering how else you can make your home festive for the season. These Christmas candles will add a delicious scent to your space.

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