Ikea sofas: 5 hacks to personalise yours so it doesn't look like everyone else's

Got an Ikea sofa? So has everyone else. Make it look like a one-off with these handy hacks

Ikea sofa in a blue living room
(Image credit: Ikea)

Hands up if you have an Ikea sofa? Obviously we can't physically see your hand up, but we imagine a lot of your living rooms are graced with a Bankeryd or a Ektorp or a Gronlid. And we aren't throwing any shade at Ikea here. We love Ikea. But because we all love it so much, our homes can end up all looking pretty similar. So, how can you stop your Ikea sofa looking just like everyone else's? With these 5 hacks of course...

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1. Get a new sofa cover 

We've talked before about the amazing companies that make doors for you to stick on the front of your Ikea kitchen in a bid to make them look a bit more fancy, but did you know there are also people out there who will do the same for your sofa?

Yep, there are tons of websites out there who make new covers for Ikea sofas. One of our favourite is Swedish brand Bemz, who make custom covers for almost all of the Ikea sofas. All you have to do is type in your model name and voila, you'll discover a whole host of gorgeous options. 

Prices start from £183.20, so waaaay cheaper than buying a new sofa, too.

2. Or tuck in a makeshift version 

If you are after an even cheaper and quicker way to recover your sofa, DIY it with some nice throws. We have seen Ikea sofas covered in sheepskin throws, which looks very chic, but you could pick any colour or pattern to match your space. Easy peasy living room update. 

3. Switch up your sofa legs 

And just as there are people to replace your Ikea kitchen doors and your Ikea sofa cover, there are people to replace your Ikea furniture legs. Niche, we know, but give the people what they want. 

Pretty Pegs make super stylish legs, knobs and handles for a whole load of Ikea furniture, including sofas. There are loads of designs and prices start from just €11. 

4. Cover it in cushions

An obvious one, we know, but don't underestimate the power of new cushions. Covering the back of your sofa to create a scatter cushion effect can give your old Ikea sofa a whole new shape and vibe. 

5. Add a nailhead trim 

If you want to get a bit more hands on, you'll love this idea which we've seen all over Pinterest: DIY your own nailhead trim.

This would work especially well if you have a more traditional style Ikea sofa. Something like the Gronlid sofa, pictured above, would be perfect. All you need is upholstery tacks, a tape measure and a hammer. Then, gently hammer the tacks into the frame of the sofa, along the edges and up the arms, and you're done.