Ikea sofa looking tired? This company makes new covers, even for discontinued ranges

Budget friendly Ikea sofa covers in hundreds of designs and over 70 fabrics – what's not to like?

Ikea sofa covers: Ikea sofa bed
(Image credit: Ikea)

Got a perfectly good Ikea sofa that you're thinking of replacing just because the upholstery needs refreshing? Well, now you can save money on a new sofa – and not feel guilty about throwing out structurally sound furniture – with this clever innovation by Comfort Works.

Ideal if you're redecorating your living room on a budget, their idea is simple: they make new covers for Ikea sofas.

The Australian based business was born when the founders themselves couldn't decide what to do about an Ikea sofa that needed a refresh. They opted to design their own slipcovers for their couch rather than chuck it. Now they make couch covers for over 300 Ikea sofa designs, in over 70 fabrics. 

Got an old Ikea sofa in a discontinued model? Not a problem, they make covers for them too, as well covers for armchairs, ottomans, and other furniture types. What's even more amazing is that these guys have free worldwide shipping (including the US and UK) for orders over 150 Australian dollars or equivalent in other currencies. Why buy new when you can get a budget-friendly sofa update?

So how much does it cost? Let's compare the Ektorp sofa two-seater or love seat (below). It costs £299 in the UK or $499 in the US in Nordvalla dark gray; to have it re-covered in Everyday Tweed (which looks the same), it would cost you £189 or $233 US – so you can see that there's a big saving to be had – not to mention the saving on sofa delivery and disposal costs. We love it.

Ikea Ektorp sofa

(Image credit: Ikea)