Ikea smart blinds enhance home security, ease early starts... and much more

Ikea smart blinds will help you beef up home security, wake up naturally and more – here's everything you need to know

Ikea smart blinds
(Image credit: Ikea)

Ikea smart blinds may seem like a feature of the home of the future, but they're actually a super accessible addition to a modern home. And, for good reason, they're increasing in popularity.

Far from an unnecessary gimmick, Ikea's smart blinds serve a variety of practical purposes, ranging from improving your home security to easing your morning routines – and more. Plus, they retail at a fraction of the price of similar smart blinds available on the market.

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Ikea smart blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)

1. Use smart blinds to enhance home security

If you're heading away on holiday and leaving your house unattended, smart blinds are just what you need to give the impression that someone's home – even when they're not. 

Simply raise your blinds, as you usually would in the morning, and lower them as it starts to get dark in a bid to ward off onlookers. How? Using your synched smart phone, which allows you to control your blind from any location.

Pair them with smart plugs or smart lightbulbs to turn on lights, too, and your house will look fully occupied.

2. Wake up naturally

You've likely heard of wake up lights, which use artificial light to replicate the sunrise and make it easier to wake up (as the name suggests) on dark winter mornings. Smart blinds could help you take this one step further.

By scheduling your blinds to raise as the sun begins to rise, you can really tap into your circadian rhythm and allow yourself to rouse as nature intended. You'll be amazed how much this eases stress on the mind and body, making mornings significantly less painful.

Disclaimer: we'd recommend setting a conventional alarm, too, just in case.

3. And make your morning routine more efficient 

In addition to making the process of waking up easier, Ikea smart blinds could also make your morning routine more efficient.

How? By allowing you to raise all of your blinds in one go. Yes, really. At the touch of a button, you could ensure the blinds in every room of your home are opened, shaving minutes off a hectic morning. 

4. Keep rooms cool during the warmer months

While we're still in the depths of winter, it won't be too long until summer rolls around again (we can't wait). And when it does, you'll thank your past self for investing in Ikea smart blinds.

Much like shutters, blinds are a great solution for keeping rooms cool. Simply lower your blinds in the afternoon, using your synced smart phone, and benefit from cooler spaces in the evening.

Ikea smart blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)

5. Control blinds in hard-to-reach places

Ikea smart blinds also offer a super practical solution for those with skylights and windows in hard-to-reach places. Use the accompanying remote to raise and lower blinds as suits. 

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