25 home décor items I found on Amazon that look so luxe (but are actually affordable)

These cheap-yet-expensive-looking home décor items make furnishing your space a foolproof process.

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Shopping for new home décor items is never straightforward. Actually, in most cases, the task feels like a mission impossible. 

Instinctively we know "you get what you pay for," so when we're looking to accessorize the best armchair or remodel our living room, we gravitate towards pieces that appear high-end and designed for longevity. 

The downside? We can't afford said pieces, so we end up committing to more "affordable" pieces; despite knowing the optics are not in their favor. 

But what if we didn't equate price with quality? What if there were pieces that looked and felt high-end and so luxurious but didn't put us broke; could there be such a thing? There is, and we've found it. 

Amazon is a goldmine for home décor items that look high-end and won't break the bank. Oh, and to prove that we put our money where our mouth is. 

From the best backsplashes (to rival the best peel-and-stick wallpaper) to the most sensational shatter-proof set, we've gone ahead and rounded up nine home décor items that look so expensive that your guest will be lusting over them for years to come. 

Don't believe us? Add these must-haves to your carts ASAP and see for yourself. 

1. A shatter-resistant set to make meal prep a breeze

home décor items for the kitchen

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Clever Chef Striated 8 x 12 Inch Glass Cutting Board Set (opens in new tab) starting at $29.99, at Amazon

Locating home décor items for your kitchen is an absolute essential — one that often comes usually with a lofty price. Yet, here this four-pack cutting board set (opens in new tab)gives a compelling case that we were wrong. This shatter-resistant glass set is an excellent alternative to a wooden cutting board and looks so high-end. 

2. This very dreamy decanter — to make entertaining as fashionable as it is fun

home décor items for entertaining from Amazon

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Smaier 1.5L U Shape Wine Decanter (opens in new tab) l Was $32.99, Now $28, at Amazon

With the prospect of entertaining duties resuming soon, this dreamy decanter (opens in new tab) is an absolute must. Not only does it come equipped with a unique U-shaped design that will have the compliments rolling in, but the tapered top avoids spilling, which is nothing short of a miracle. 

3. The most perfect pillow to retire to night-after-night

home décor items for bedroom

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ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (opens in new tab) starting at $23.99, at Amazon

Ranking right up there with the best mattress is this perfect pillowcase (opens in new tab)— or at least, according to 27,600+ reviewers, that is. Designed from 100% silk, you'll find this choice feels just as expensive as it looks. Oh, and factor in the dozens of available colors? Consider us all sold. 

4.  A hands-free sensor that is equal parts sleek as it is sensible

home décor items

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SUNNIOR Aluminum LED Motion Sensor Sconce (opens in new tab) for $14.95, at Amazon

Light up any living room, closet, or kitchen area with the help of this plug-less sensor (opens in new tab). Ideal for those looking to go hands-free, this light brings advanced detection technology to any room in your home and automatically turns on. Easily hang with adhesive tape or screws, and ta-da: prepare to brighten up your space for under $20! 

5. This perfect planter to give your greenery room to grow

home decor items for plants from Amazon

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Peach & Pebble 5" Ceramic Planter Set (opens in new tab)starting at $44, at Amazon

Featuring a unique shape and stunning matte white glaze, this beautiful porcelain ceramic pot (opens in new tab) will give your plants the necessary room to grow. 

6. A trendy tile backsplash to instantly update your kitchen (without breaking the bank!)

home decor items for kitchen from Amazon

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Collections Etc Multi-Colored Adhesive Mosaic Backsplash Tiles (opens in new tab)for $25.98, at Amazon

Here at Real Homes, we love a quick update, and ranking right next to the best peel-and-stick wallpaper is this trendy tiled choice (opens in new tab). This easy-to-apply backsplash will add a designer feel to any kitchen (or bathroom), and with a handful of variations up to grabs, you can't go wrong. 

7. Add additional privacy to your windows with this chic cover

home decor items for windows

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Coavas Window Film Privacy Cover (opens in new tab) starting at $9.99, at Amazon

Whether you're dealing with lurking neighbors or want a bit more privacy, this chic cover (opens in new tab) will keep your windows covered, and looking as expensive as ever, thanks to its upscale pattern. 

8. Reach for this trio of canisters to keep your products stored and stylish

home décor items for bathroom

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mDesign Plastic Round Countertop Canister (Set of 3) (opens in new tab) for $24.99, at Amazon

Cotton balls, q-tips, or any additional beauty products — you name it, these countertop canisters (opens in new tab) will keep them stored. Featuring a small, medium, and large-sized jar, shoppers can choose from a handful of metals and variations to ensure that their home rivals the most luxurious five-star hotel. 

9. An affordable accent stool that is so sophisticated, you'll want one in every room

home décor items for living room

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Modway Haste Contemporary Modern Hourglass Accent Stool (opens in new tab) l Was $59.25, Now $40.03, at Amazon

Guests will be doing a double-take over this ribbed accent stool (opens in new tab)that's intricate detailing could easily rival some of the finest Italian furniture on the market. 

10. A stylish storage solution that also doubles as a seat

home décor items for room storage bench

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Harmati Sherpa Storage Bench (opens in new tab) l Was $179.99, Now $169.99, at Amazon

The clean lines and solid wood legs give this white sheepskin ottoman bench (opens in new tab) its understated modern look, while soft upholstery and a high-density foam cushion make this upholstered bench the perfect addition to any room in need of both a comfortable seat and additional storage.

11. These blackout curtains that keep the sun at bay

home décor items curtains to buy

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Deconovo Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains (opens in new tab)for $28.99, at Amazon

These blackout curtains (opens in new tab) are made from 100% high-quality polyester material and feature an innovative triple weave fabric construction with an inner layer that enhances the draping purposes. Perfect solution for your décor and makes your home comfortable.

12. A fabulously faux flower that Is suitable both indoors and outdoors

faux plant home décor items

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RECUTMS 8 Bundles Artificial Flowers  (opens in new tab)l Was $14.99, Now $13.99, at Amazon

With eight bundles of lifelike magenta, this faux fake (opens in new tab) flower brings the lush beauty of nature into your life, creates a cozy ambiance without any maintenance or mess. 

home décor items gallery wall

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ArtbyHannah 8 Pack Gallery Wall Kit (opens in new tab)for $33.99, at Amazon

This assortment of gallery frames (opens in new tab) is crafted from recycled high-quality PS material, featuring transparent glass that inspires a clear viewer than traditional Plexiglass for a long-lasting look. 

14. This high-powered LED light to inspire the most Instagrammable selfies 

home décor items for bathroom

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Butylux 32x24 inch Wall Mounted LED Bathroom Mirror (opens in new tab) for $169.99, at Amazon

This full-touch control bathroom mirror light (opens in new tab)offers both uniform and soft light. The color temperature can switch from 3000k warm white to 6000k daylight. Also, there's a long touch button that adjusts the light intensity from 10% - 100% according to your need, brings comfortable visual lighting in your bathroom, no flicker, no UV.

15. An all-inclusive set of chic canisters that can be used in various rooms 

home décor items from amazon canisters

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Tzerotone 2.5 oz 20 Piece Glass Jar (opens in new tab) l Was $34.99, Now $29.74, at Amazon

This 20-piece canister set (opens in new tab) offers a healthy and easy way to store powders, tidy up and organize anything else that requires additional storage. Constructed from durable and resistant borosilicate glass with a natural bamboo lid and silicone ring, they're as fashionable as they are functional. 

16. A multi-functional coffee table that offers more than what meets the eye

home décor items coffee table with storage inside

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Harmati Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage (opens in new tab) for $179.99, at Amazon

With its minimalist design and use of neutral colors, this lift-up coffee table (opens in new tab) provides a modern look; while sparingly offering hidden storage inside of it. 

17. A mirror that dupes Anthropologie's best-seller

Amazon mirror home décor items

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Harmati Round Mirror (opens in new tab) l Was $54.99, Now $49.99, at Amazon

Anthropologie dupes are hard to come by, but this timeless circular design is a dead ringer; with a crisp and distortion-free reflection, this mirror (opens in new tab) will look perfect when displayed next to the best armchair. 

18. A coffee table that features this season's most sought-after trend: rattan

home décor items for the living room: rattan and wood coffee table

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Harmati Coffee Table for Living Room (opens in new tab) for $159.99, at Amazon

The Harmati brand on Amazon continues to impress with its high-end home décor items that don't break the bank — with this coffee table (opens in new tab) being no exception. From the wooden base and very on-trend rattan detailing, it's hard-pressed to resist investing the very affordable under-$160 price tag. 

19. A scaled-back version of the previously-mentioned table

home decor items: small accent side table for living room or bedroom

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Harmati Round Side Table with Storage (opens in new tab)l Was $79.99, Now $69.99, at Amazon

Modern meets boho in this scaled-back accent table that mimics the previously-mentioned choice. This side table (opens in new tab) offers the same wood and rattan combination  —available in three shades! — in addition to adding a more compact design and added storage as a bonus! 

20. An all-seasons comforter to dress your guest bedroom's up in

home décor items: comforters for bedroom

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Layla Down Alternative Comforter (opens in new tab) for $189, at Amazon

Designed from premium luxury cotton, this comfortable comforter (opens in new tab) will be the perfect addition to any best mattress in need of some accessorizing. 

21. Decorative accents to sprinkle consoles and tabletops with

home decor items: decorative trays

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Kate and Laurel Lipton Decorative Tray with Polished Metal Handle (opens in new tab) l Was $47.99, Now $36.08, at Amazon

Versatile and multi-purpose, this contemporary tray (opens in new tab) with perfected alloy grips will be an artistic accent in your space. 

22. A trendy table that won't break the bank

home décor items from amazon coffee table

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Safavieh Home Collection Myrtis Brass Coffee Table (opens in new tab) l Was $219.75, Now $194.25, at Amazon

Crafted from aluminum, this coffee table (opens in new tab) will give a fresh look to any section of your home.

23. A 16-piece plate set that is reminiscent of Mackenzie-Childs

home decor items plate set

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Porlien Checker 16-piece Square Dinnerware Set (opens in new tab) for $58.99, at Amazon

Mackenzie-Childs fans rejoice! We've found a 16-piece dinner plate set (opens in new tab) (suitable for up to four people) that won't break the bank. With the same unique checkerboard pattern, this is the ideal setting for weekly dinners or festive holidays. 

24. And don't forget the matching teacups! 

home decor items teacup set

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Porlien Checker Pattern 17-ounce Cappuccino Cup and Saucer (Set of 2) (opens in new tab) for $31.99, at Amazon

Resort to this 17-ounce porcelain cup set (opens in new tab) to satisfy your needs for afternoon tea or cappuccino. Perfect for hosting or individual use, the matching porcelain spoon is sensational for a stirring drink with a 6-inch length.

25. Invest in this vintage teapot

home décor items from amazon teapot

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Laple Floral Vintage Teapot (opens in new tab) for $24.99, at Amazon

Is checkered print not your cup of tea? Opt for groundbreaking florals with this vintage teapot. (opens in new tab)It's a budget-friendly item that not only looks so high-end but will be ringing in compliments on repeat. 

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