Love the Hérmes pillow? Amazon has a doppelgänger for just $32

The Hérmes pillow is the cult-favorite home essential that will never go out of style.

Hérmes pillow from Amazon
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When it comes to furnishing your space, most recommend timeless details to accessorize focal points, such as the best armchair. The reason is: these stylish home goods are not only thoughtfully designed, but offer longevity, seamlessly blending with any arrangement.

Take the Hérmes Avalon pillow: it ranks right up there as one of the best investments you can make décor wise. Plus, this illustrious piece is so timeless, it will be just as statement-making 10, 20, or 30 years down the line, rising in value every year. 

However, as swoon-worthy as this delicate detail can (and will) be, it comes at a price, one which is usually far outside our budget. So what do we do, and where do we go? If asking us, it's turning your attention to this perfect piece from Amazon. 

Hérmes pillow from Amazon

(Image credit: amazon)

PLAZALA Pillow Case starting at $21.88, at Amazon

With the same signature 'H' initial as the original, this dupe comes in four sensational shades and looks just as high-end — at a fraction of the price. 

We spotted on Amazon this perfect pillow that is a complete doppelgänger to the same Hérmes Avalon pillow (previously mentioned), with the one difference being that this one will not break the bank. 

Here, this cushion cover starts at $21.98 for the 17" x 17" option and jumps to $31.99 for the 25" x 25", and for a limited time, shoppers will receive an additional $2 off when purchased. 

Realistically, you could add all five available shades — orange, grey, blue, tan, and black — to your shopping carts and still beat the designer version (which retails for upwards of $600). 

Talk about spectacular  — and even more so, when you factor in how high-end the material is. This cushion cover is made of wool and suede and is just as strong and durable as the original choice. It's so luxurious and high-end, we're confident you (or anyone else) will never be to spot the difference. 

Oh, and the best part? You can opt for this matching Hérmes blanket (which is also a dupe), and available on Amazon, too. It's the ultimate win-win — so what are you waiting for here? 

Go ahead and had this doppelgänger into your shopping carts ASAP — after all, it's the timeless essential that will last forever. 

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