Heatwave UK: will it come back?

Last Saturday saw temperatures that made the UK hotter than Hawaii, but what weather will the rest of the summer bring?

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Were you basking in last Saturday's heat, or are you in the camp that prefers the cooler weather we've had this week? Either way, everyone wants to know if the heatwave is coming back, and if so, when to expect it. After all, if we are getting another, longer hot spell, we'll need to think of ways to prepare our gardens for a heatwave, as well as thinking of ways to cool down our homes

So, is another heatwave likely into the school holiday? The current MetOffice forecast is tantalising, and much more confident about more warm weather coming to the south of the UK in July and into August, not so much in the north: 'There is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast through the second half of July, with a continued signal for lower than average pressure to be more likely across the north and higher pressure to the south. This may lead to spells of rain for all, but this heaviest and most persistent in the NW where above average rainfall is possible. Slightly higher confidence in the likelihood of slightly above average temperatures overall.'  

This isn't great news for those in the north who were hoping for the hotter weather to return or for those in the south who struggle to sleep when our rooms get too warm during the day – especially if the temperature at night is a bit too cool to keep the windows open. 

What to do if these temperature fluctuations are making you uncomfortable, especially at night? The key to staying comfortable is wearing clothing made from natural, temperature-regulating materials (think organic cotton or wool), and this applies to your mattress and bedding, too. If your mattress is trapping heat, consider getting a cooling mattress pad, and then a natural duvet (wool-filled, for instance) – that way you'll keep warm without overheating. 

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