Heatwave 2019? Only if you live up North

Latest Met Office forecast suggests dry and warm spells from late May onwards are most likely in the north of the UK, with wet and cool weather in the south

garden with plants at sunset

Everyone wants to know if Heatwave 2019 is happening, after the uncommonly hot and dry weather last summer. But, media hype aside, just how likely is a hot and dry summer in the UK this year? 

Well, the latest forecast from the Met Office suggests that expectations of another heatwave are premature, with a good old wet British summer much more likely –unless you live up North. The official prognosis promises 'changeable' weather for much of the country next week, with 'some drier spells, with these most likely in the north and northwest of Scotland'.

From late May onwards, the Met Office is predicting more unsettled weather for most of the country, with 'the most prevalent rain and showers across southern and central parts', with cold weather especially likely in coastal areas (sorry, everyone, baking on the beach in Brighton is looking unlikely). However, the north and northwest of the country can expect long periods of sunshine and dry weather. 

What does this forecast mean for our gardens? If you live in the north or northwest, it's still reasonable to be preparing your garden for a heatwave. If you live down south, though, you may want to check the condition of your garden soil, making sure that it's well draining enough to cope with the potential excess of rain.