Free advice resource for damp and condensation

PCA offer a free advice guide on tackling damp and condensation

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Trying to get rid of damp marks and mould caused by condensation in your home?

With the onset of the cooler months often comes a build-up of water on cold walls and windows, and the Property Care Association (PCA) has released a free guide to help homeowners effectively tackle it. The eight-page document, ‘Condensation in your property’, features handy, easy-to-action tips, including putting lids on pans while cooking and running a cold tap first in a bath or sink before adding hot water to reduce steam, plus detailed guidance on how to clean affected areas, information on using dehumidifiers and how best to control your heating to create a consistent, anti-mould temperature.

‘Maintaining a reasonable balance between heating, ventilation and insulation can reduce excessive condensation,’ says PCA chief executive Steve Hodgson.

‘However, as modern living, the rising cost of fuel and airtight homes are all contributing to make condensation in the UK a bigger issue, a major review of lifestyle and the occupation of a property is often necessary, and this guidance helps homeowners through the steps they need to take to avoid the problem.’

Go to the PCA website to download your copy of the guide.

Photograph: David Masters