Where to get Florence Pugh's colorful, Vogue-worthy martini glasses

Shaken or stirred?

Collage of Florence Pugh and martini glasses
(Image credit: Future)

The always-relatable Florence Pugh is Vogue's cover star this month, and as a part of her story, Vogue has released a polished, full-length version of Pugh's iconic Cooking With Flo Instagram Stories. The video gives us some words of wisdom about cooking and confidence and lets us get an inside look at her bright, industrial-style kitchen. 

Screen grab of Florence Pugh with her colorful martini glass

(Image credit: Vogue)

As Pugh prepared a garlic crostini and sipped a lemon twist martini, we were more focused on what held her drink — a very cute martini glass with a blue stem and pink base. We've tracked it down and found out her glass is part of the Piano Cocktail Set by Sophie Lou Jacobsen, a designer with an extensive collection of modern, eclectic glassware.

The set of mismatched blue, pink, and orange glasses runs for $100. But if you're after the look for less, we've got you covered with some adorable pairs of Pugh-inspired colorful glassware for every price point:

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