Dracaena plants are our new houseplant obsession – here's why you're seeing them everywhere

It turns out, dracaena plants are one of the hardiest, low-maintenance, stylish choices you could make

Three houseplants infront of concrete wall
(Image credit: Dobbies)

The fiddle leaf fig has long been considered one of the most popular indoor plants, alongside the monstera or snake plant. But it seems a new plant obsession is firmly on the way, in the form of the dracaena plant.

If the name is new to you, never fear – you'll almost certainly recognise the plant on sight.

So what is so special about it, and why are dracaena plants popping up all over homes and Instagram feeds right now?

While the fiddle leaf fig has dominated homes for years, dracaena plants appear to rising hugely in popularity, especially on social media.

There are thought to be around 40 varieties of dracaena plants (otherwise known as dragon plants), in differing heights, shapes, and colors.

corn plant dracaena in a pot

(Image credit: PlantsCraze)

Lindsey Hyland, gardening expert and creator of Urban Organic Yield, explained, 'Dracaena plants are a genus of about 120 species of tall, evergreen trees and shrubs from Africa, the Americas, and Asia. They are grown as houseplants for their form and foliage.'

They tend to be a great option for homes because of their tropical looks, which can easily add fun and stylish greenery to any space.

Bloomscape's gardening expert Lindsay Pangborn, said, 'Available in a variety of forms, Dracaenas are a great option for those looking for living artwork. With long, gracefully arching leaves growing from an upright central stalk (or cane), Dracaenas add an architectural element and fun foliage in a variety of colors and patterns.'

Bloomscape's Dracaena gold lemon lime plant in a pot

(Image credit: Bloomscape)

They are also said to be one of the best options for improving air quality in your home, too.

Though they won't magically make your air uber-pure, Dracaena plants are said to be particularly brilliant at absorbing potential toxins.

Aaditya Bhatta, Editor and Founder of Plantscraze, told us, 'Dracaena is one of the most effective plants in terms of air purification. On top of being an excellent piece of home decor, Dracaena doubles up as an air purifier that helps remove benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide.'

She continued, stating, 'Using Dracaena to remove pollutants will improve air quality, reduce colds, eliminate airborne contaminants, and improve your general health.' No wonder it's one of the best plants for your bedroom!

Corn plant dracaena in a terracota pot

(Image credit: PlantVine)

'With multiple health benefits as well as pleasing aesthetics, the Dracaena plant’s increasing popularity over the past few years is entirely justified. Over the next few years, dragon plants are likely to become increasingly popular among American households,' she said.

Experts point out that dracaena plants are one of the easiest plants to maintain – which also points to their recent popularity.

Plant Doctor Matt Kostelnick, Senior Horticulturist at Ambius, revealed that these kinds of plants don't often need too much water or sunlight to survive.

He explained, 'Though they require less watering than most indoor plants, it is good to keep them hydrated by misting the leaves and keeping them in drained, nutrient-rich soil. Once the soil is dry to the touch, it is time to water the plant.'

Sounds like the dracaena plant might just be the right pick if all your house plants inexplicably die on you...Us? Never...