The rapid-growing houseplant that will give your home a jungle vibe in no time

For rewarding indoor plants you can see growing before your eyes, it's all about the Mini Monstera, a fast-growing houseplant

mini monstera and other potted houseplants
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There are two kinds of people in this world: those with a houseplant obsession and those for whom it's just a matter of time. When building your collection of beautiful green plant children, you want to have some that are going to grow fairly quickly, because it's more fun. 

And one of the best indoor plants sure to deliver a lush vibe, is the Mini Monstera, or to call it its official name, the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma – one of the best, fast-growing houseplants around.

a mini monstera growing on a support

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The mini monstera – the fast-growing houseplant

Plant professional Brooke from the eco-friendly houseplant shop Outside In has only good things to say about this trendy, easy-to-care-for plant. 'With a stalk-like stem, this houseplant climbs upwards while unfurling vibrant green, fenestrated leaves,' says Brooke. 

The plant expert says these hole-filled leaves look just like those of the tropical Monstera deliciosa plant, which is where the common name, 'Mini Monstera' comes from. 'Under optimal conditions, this houseplant has the impressive potential to grow 5+ feet a year! 

'And it will eventually require a trellis, pole, or stake for support to reach higher heights,' adds Brooke. You can pick up moss poles on Amazon to support yours. 

If you're looking for a houseplant that will create impact without you having to wait patiently for years and years, this looks to be a great option.

a potted mini monstera on a table, with other plants around on a cabinet

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Not only is it a fast-growing houseplant, it also looks really cute hooked to a wall, creating a cool feature in a living room or hallway. Avoid putting it in a place where it will receive lots of bright, direct sunlight, as this could scorch its leaves. 

Yellow leaves might indicate that it's been getting too much light, while brown leaves can mean it needs more light. Bear in mind that its growth over the winter months is likely to be a little slower than in the summer.

It is unfortunately toxic to cats however, so this isn't one for cat lovers. There are loads of pet-friendly houseplants that grow fast though, including one of our favorites, the spider plant. This crowd-pleaser grows spiderettes, so you can expand your collection at no extra cost.

mini monstera growing up a wall next to a framed quote

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An honorary mention must also go to the Pothos. This plant grows vines of heart-shaped leaves quickly, and is fairly low maintenance. 

Learning how to care for houseplants is an ongoing process, and you might find your plants grow happily even though the conditions don't match those recommended online. For the impatient among us, the Mini Monstera is a great way to go for chlorophyll chicness.

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