Cleaning fans are obsessed with Emily Mariko's stove gap fillers on TikTok

Crumbs, be gone!

modern kitchen with island, oven and open shelving
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TikTok star Emily Mariko is known by millions for her videos on food, lifestyle, and fashion. But a recent clip by the LA-born content creator left cleaning fans everywhere desperate to hunt down a certain product in her kitchen.

When cleaning a stovetop, she lifts up two mysterious silicone black strips resting on either side of her ceramic hob.

modern kitchen with black aga oven and kitchen island

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

In the video titled 'Deep Clean', Emily films herself completing a number of household chores with her best cleaning products (in an already spotless apartment). Emily uses a cream cleaner on her stovetop, leaving the glass surface satisfyingly streak-free. 

In the process, she moves the two silicone stove edge covers, available at Amazonso they're not in the way. People were quick to comment on them: 'What are those strips on the stove!? I need them ASAP,' writes one. 


Deep clean ✨

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The soothing, high Virgo-energy TikTok has now racked up 16.9 million views and thousands of comments. 'I just know that place always smells so good,' writes one.

'Me realizing clean people are always clean because they clean things before they get dirty...' comments another.

Linda's Silicone Stove Gap Covers (2 Pack) | $10.95, Amazon,  

Linda's Silicone Stove Gap Covers (2 Pack) | $10.95, Amazon,  

The heat-resistant oven gap filler seals any gaps between your stovetop and counter. They're black, easy to clean and measure 21 Inches.

The heat-resistant covers in Emily's apartment solve the age-old problem of food, crumbs, dust, and sauce falling down the gap between the stove and your countertop. As well as covering the gap and making it look more seamless if you have black surfaces, it will stop a buildup of rotting food.

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The uses are endless as they can also be used to bridge the gap between the best washing machine and dryer, preventing socks from getting lost and spilt detergent from accumulating in the gap. 

If your stovetop is built into your kitchen worktops, crumbs can still gather in the small space where the two surfaces meet. An alternative way to keep on top of this is to gently slide a toothpick along the edge to remove grime from cooking spillages.

If the gap between your stove and worktop bugs you, you know what to do.

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