Do you know what's lurking down your sofa? It could be money...or, a dead frog.

The weirdest things found in people's sofas revealed

Living room with tropical print cushions and a white sofa by H&M Home
(Image credit: H&M Home)

Many of us have been there: having lost your phone/keys/glasses, you frantically look everywhere, including in the sofa. You lift up the cushion, and discover... all sorts of things, according to a recent survey*.

While everyone's hope is to find money that had accidentally slipped in between the cushions, in practice people only find about 6p on average, although that totals well over £4 million every year. 47 per cent of the respondents found more than £10! 

But while your chances of becoming a millionaire while diving behind your sofa cushions are slim, you could happen upon something altogether more exotic. Among the weirder things people report having found inside their sofa are: a snake (unclear whether alive or dead), a dead frog, a hedgehog, someone else's false teeth, and an instruction manual in Sanscrit. 

The main takeaway from these bizarre discoveries? We don't clean our sofas often enough. For 57 per cent of the respondents, cleaning the sofa was a once-a-month job, while 16 percent admitted to cleaning their sofas just once a year. 

If you would rather avoid discovering reptiles (or worse) in your sofa, read our guide on cleaning upholstery.

*Survey of 2,008 people, run by The Leadership Factor in July 2019, on behalf of sofa and carpet specialist ScS.