Camila Mendes' bookshelf is a designer dream — get the look from $90

Camila Mendes' bookshelf gets a gold medal for style and function. Get the same luxe vibes

Camila Mendes in a white and black floral dress and a gold dresser next to her on a pink background
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Camila Mendes' bookshelf gets a gold medal for style and sophistication, but the luxe look does more than you might realize. 

The Riverdale star, who is no stranger to snapping selfies at home, recently shared a glimpse of the show-stopper in the background of an Instagram post. Naturally, we couldn't take our eyes off the gleaming piece and asked designers how to achieve a similar chic aesthetic in your home. 

If you're playing around with small living room ideas, we'll help you get a taste of this gold, glam, statement on a budget.

Get Camila Mendes' bookshelf look for less

What we particularly appreciate about Camila's shelving unit is that it does a little bit of everything: stores necessities, complements the room's aesthetic, and draws the  eye upwards, one of several small living room design rules the pros cannot do without. 

Playing with vertical space can be a game-changer, but making an item like this the focal point without  overwhelming the space takes a little expert know-how. There are a few key points to keep in mind so as not to throw off your living room feng shui

"The gold shelf is making a statement and is almost a work of art itself, so finding items that don't take away from that is key," says designer Melony Huber, co-founder of La Peony. "You want to make sure the accent pieces you are choosing complement the boldness of the gold shelf, instead of fighting it."

There are a few living room paint colors to avoid in a case like this, but also a few to pursue to really let that gold glimmer and steal the show. 

"I would pick colors for decor pieces that are ivory, browns, pinks, or deep greens," Melony adds. "These are always a safe pick and a great pairing  with gold."

What's more, you'll want to keep things toned down when working with a piece like this. You don't have to go to the extreme and pursue a minimalist style, but you do want to be mindful of where you're placing decor and neighboring artwork. 

"Keeping it simple and not crowding pieces on the shelf will highlight how fab it is while still styling the overall piece, so it becomes a beautiful eye-catcher while showing off some of your favorite decor items," says designer Chantelle Hartman Malarkey.

Melony Huber
Melony Huber

Melony Huber is a global travel fashion, textile, and exclusive interior design stylist/buyer, and co-founder of ethical lifestyle collection, La Peony.

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey
Chantelle Hartman Malarkey

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, a.k.a. the Lifestyle Alchemist, is an interior designer, photographer, home chef, hosting expert, and blogger who shares lifestyle and homes ideas, hacks, and must-haves with her followers. 

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In this case, all that glitters is definitely gold, so why not try a similar look in your living room? We found similar styles from $90 that will give you Camila's aesthetic on a budget.

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