Bookmark Amazon's Prime Day page NOW to get the best deals!

Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching (we hope). Be prepared – should it be sprung on us last minute – and bookmark this page now

Amazon Prime Day: graphic from Amazon
(Image credit: Amazon)

You heard it here first: Amazon's Prime Day page is live on Amazon at the moment. Now, we are just waiting for the deals to start. Since the date of this mega sale has been changed from its usual mid-July date to later in the year – Amazon's words, not ours – we are getting a tad impatient to see these deals. After all, Amazon Prime Day is Amazon's largest shopping event of the entire year. Even bigger than both Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Wowza.

Usually, Amazon like to let us know with little advance anything to do with sales, so, it's best you get prepared should the inevitable happen and this sale is sprung upon us last minute. Click to go through to Amazon's Prime Day page now and bookmark this page on your browser. This way, come the date, you can access deals easy. You're welcome. Keep scrolling for more Amazon Prime Day 2020 info.

What will Amazon Prime Day be like?

We expect this year's Amazon Prime Day to be bigger and better than usual, in order to make up for the date being postponed. However, we also expect incredible one-off deals to be limited by amount so as not to cause havoc in factories. We're guessing that this event will still last for two days, but there may be some delivery delays in order to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

What can I buy on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day sees everything from smart home tech – Alexas and more – to furniture, appliances, personal products – electric toothbrushes, hair straighteners – and so much more on sale. Trust us when we say that this is the best time of year to bag an Amazon bargain.

What can I do now to be prepared for Amazon Prime Day?

Simply enough, in order to be prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2020, you just need to plan what you want to buy now. Pop it all on a list on your Amazon account, so that come the day, you can find everything you're after with ease.

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