I spent hours researching the best housewarming gifts — these are the winners

The theme is: Essential luxuries

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So, your friend has just moved into their first apartment and you’ve received your honorary invitation. Naturally, you’re now scrambling to come up with the perfect gift, and in the process, you’ve landed on this gift guide from yours truly. Before we go any further, the theme is essential luxuries. Yes, you could buy your bestie something practical from our first apartment move-in checklist instead, but if you're the fun friend then that's probably not your vibe — we get it.

What I mean by that is, a housewarming gift is about finding that thing your friend would be obsessed with but can't justify buying for themself, post-outrageous deposit (speaking from experience). However, with an abundance of options out there, it’s a minefield trying to choose the perfect gift. My greatest piece of advice? Put yourself in their shoes! Fortunately, I already have, and honey, the shoes fit!! *serves Cinderella realness*

I recently moved into my first apartment in the city and, with this, stepped into my hosting-girl era in full force. Every weekend I invite friends over and supply them with endless amounts of homemade focaccia, dad jokes (yep, that's my bag) and rosé and, (to my delight) this has come with a covetable collection of the most thoughtful and helpful housewarming gifts I could have asked for! This, plus hours spent researching has allowed me to put together the most gorgeous roundup of housewarming gifts.

Our fave housewarming gifts to make a mark on your friend's first apartment 

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What housewarming gifts to avoid?

As clearly as there are winners in the housewarming gift world, there are also faux pas. One thing to take into account is the style of the person you're gifting. Nobody wants to be that person whose housewarming gift ends up in the clutter drawer or under the bed! If you've got a general hold on their taste and aesthetic, that's a perfect starting place. "Stay away from gifts that are very taste-specific like a piece of art or a funky decorative item. Most people remember that crazy gift that one of their aunts bought them, thinking it was the coolest and most unique gift!" says Hank Reinhart, Founder of Sabavi Home. So, whether it’s a bottle of their favorite drink accompanied by some adorable cocktail glasses, an iconic mini speaker, or a dreamily scented candle, it's truly the thought that counts when it comes to helping your friend make their house a home. You know your friend best!

How we chose these housewarming gifts

As I've recently moved into my own apartment, I've been the recipient of a few of these gifts and I can't recommend them more highly. Beyond this, I considered a range of different budgets and did my research to come up with a comprehensive list of highly rated and varied products, with taste, smell, touch, sound, and good looks in mind! By covering all bases, I hope you've found something you love, too! 

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