Blake Lively’s cabin-style bedroom ‘evokes a feeling of cozy luxury’, say experts. Here's how to steal her style

Blake Lively's cabin-style apartment looks like the perfect spot to snuggle up in. We speak to design experts to find out why they're obsessed with it

Green, rustic-looking bedding suitable for a cabin next to Blake Lively in a gold outfit outdoors in NYC at a Fashion Week event
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Blake Lively’s cabin-style apartment is making us want to transform our homes. The actor posted a snap on her Instagram of her posing very glamorously in a gold-sequined jumpsuit, and not only did we love her fashion style, we loved her interior design style, too.

Adding cozy touches like Blake has will turn your place into a winter's night dream. We've chatted to design experts to find out why these work so beautifully in her home, and have even picked out buys to match. 

Looking for apartment decorating ideas and want to make your place the perfect nesting haven for the season? There's so much in Blake's space we're in love with. Here's how to mimic it. 

Why we love Blake Lively's cabin-style apartment

For those looking for cozy apartment living room ideas, the Gossip Girl actor's home has lots to take note of, according to experts.

The first feature providing as much drama as Blake’s disco-style outfit is the wooden beams on the ceiling. 

“The rustic wooden beams and classic wood floors set the mood for an upscale log-cabin feel,” says Kathy Kuo, interior design expert and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home.

A picture of Kathy Kuo in a kitchen with a blue top on
Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is an interior design expert and founder of Kathy Kuo Home, which is a premiere e-destination with a beautifully curated collection of luxury furniture and decor. Kathy Kuo Home also offers an interior design services menu.

In the post, Blake poses next to a luxe bed frame, which looks like the dreamiest place to snuggle up in. 

“The luxe textures in the chenille bed frame, soft wrinkled cotton bed sheets, and the gray muted-pattern rug underneath the bed contrast with the rustic wood beams and reclaimed wood-wall cladding,” says Reya Duenas, interior designer and project manager at Reya Duenas Design

A picture of Reya Duenas, a woman wearing a brown hat, a white cardigan, and beige shirt
Reya Duenas

As an interior designer and project manager, Reya brings over a decade of interior design and planning expertise, specializing in hospitality, commercial and residential design.

All the elements are framed by vintage-style lighting. “The dual arm sconce with its upturned glass bell and brass finish adds a touch of softness and antiquity,” Reya continues.

Kathy says by matching the polished sconce with the statement ceiling light, Blake has added a layer of sophistication. 

Try mixing up the lighting in your home to create a warming place to relax. Sweet dreams are made of these, people.

We also couldn’t help but spy the cottagecore painting. “The lights also complement the gold-framed countryside landscape painting above,” Reya adds.

If you don’t have a painting like this ready to use, you could always have a look through secondhand furniture stores like Goodwill, as well as hunting through antique stores.

All of these elements marry together to create a room as harmonious as her marriage with Ryan Reynolds seems to be (couple goals, right?). 

By mixing the old with the older and contrasting the soft and plush with hard and rough materials, Reya says Blake has created a beautiful balance in her apartment. 

We couldn’t agree more — Serena van der Woodsen herself would be happy to be seen lounging in.

Get the look with these buys inspired by Blake Lively's apartment

Whether you're looking for ways to make a small bedroom cozy or have a whole apartment to decorate like Blake, these buys will help you get the look at home.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Kathy says overall, everything about this lounge space evokes a feeling of cozy luxury.

“Blake's effortless combination of hygge and quiet luxury make this room super special and original,” she finishes saying. 

If you are thinking of bringing this look into your home, be sure to have these design styles in mind when selecting decor.

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