No room for a nightstand? This BedShelfie dorm shelf is the perfect small-space alternative

Designed by an ex-Disney Imagineer, this dreamy shelf is a wish my heart made

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Why do I need a BedShelfie bedroom dorm shelf? Well, (confession to my EiC), I've reported for editorial duties live from the soft office more times than I care to admit. WFH is comfy, but working from your bed and under the duvet is #lazygirlgoals. Except for when you're laptop is burning your thighs, and you don't have a place to pop a cup of coffee and snacks. #Instavsreality.

When decorating a dorm, space is tight, and despite the small furniture offerings on the market, a nightstand might not even fit in the tiniest of nooks. Enter: the BedShelfie.

Weighing in at just two pounds, this lightweight Scandi-inspired dorm storage design created by Chris Eng keeps your phone, TV remote, and books at arm's length. Heck, it's even got a cup holder so you can stay hydrated. Simply clip this dorm room storage solution onto your bed frame and you're good to go. This multifunctional design also works as a headboard shelf and sofa tray once you've graduated from college!

I promise, if you're sharing with a roomie in a sardine can-sized space, it won't be long until they want one too!

What is the Bedshelfie?


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As TikToker Valerie Guzmaan aka @lovelyvalvaal explains, the BedShelfie is a no-tool nightstand that was originally launched on Kickstarter and designed in LA. She adds that this Tiktok dorm decor idea is also perfect for small apartments and kids' rooms.

Types of BedShelfie bed shelf

Smallish BedShelfie bedroom dorm shelf in natural bamboo with bowl of popcorn, white iPad and remote control

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In short, there are seven types of BedShelfie to keep all of your study and work essentials close by. The CableCatch, DormEssential, and Essential in Plastic are all available to buy via the Amazon storefront and should be suitable for most beds (yep, even if you've lofted your dorm bed). But if you have a platform or box spring bed — you might need to buy the Bedshelfie Slide.

As well as the black and white plastic models, the Bedshelfie bedroom dorm shelves are also available in gray, black, white, and natural bamboo, too.

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