You need these cable management buys for your desk to avoid an "entanglement"

Let's not get our wires crossed here

Gold Cable Organizer - Cord Keeper Management System For Home Office Desk, Nightstand, Wall and Car
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If you're a klutz and you WFH like me, you're gonna need some sort of cable management for desks. I'm ashamed to admit that not only did my office space look like spaghetti junction once upon a time — but I've also almost tripped over it all with my hot coffee in hand... whoops!

As well as a good desk organizer, you'll want to invest in more home office organization ideas to ensure you can boss your day and be productive as poss. One easy way to do this is to make sure your laptop and phone chargers aren't wrapped up in a French braid or a knot that you can only remember how to untie thanks to your Girl Scout days.

I've got my eye on nine cable management fixtures. Some merely stop your wires from wrapping around each other, while other products work to keep cords completely out of sight. I've also tried to separate this out by purpose so that you have items that function well in, on, and under your desk, as well as some pretty cool boxed options.

9 of the best cable management fixtures

On desk cable management

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Cable management boxes

Under desk cable management


How much does cable management cost?

Hopefully, you'll see from this cable management guide that you don't need to spend big bucks on accessories. Unless you're buying a desk with built-in features, expect to pay less than $50! Our cheapest option in this round-up is under $7.

How do you manage cables in a bedroom?

You might be asking this question if your sleep space and office are one and the same. Cord covers are a great way to hide ugly attachments while keeping a clean aesthetic. Some options are suitable for painting over if you want to camouflage them using a bit of leftover emulsion.

How we chose these cable management accessories

Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited budget to test out the best cable management accessories. So in this case, we've relied on verified reviews from retailers. We've filtered search results by the number of stars and also identified what customers like most about these specific items, identifying trends when undertaking our qualitative research.

We'll look at things like how big the accessory is and how it fits into your living space. For example, does it need to be drilled in or does it have an adhesive attachment? Plus, if it does have a sticky backing, can this be removed without causing damage to your furniture?

Where to buy cable management accessories

Generally speaking, most homeware stores that sell electrical items will stock some sort of cable management system. Here are a few outlets to get you started:

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