Balcony garden must-haves: Here's what you need to start a garden in a small outdoor space

These balcony garden essentials will help you kick-start a green space, without a garden.

Ikea balcony garden
(Image credit: Ikea)

If you have some time at home on your hands and are looking to take up a hobby, container gardening is a great way of growing produce at home. In the absence of trips to the park, turning your available outdoor space into a balcony garden or green getaway is the ultimate solution to increasing your outdoor time. You may not be able to dig up a vegetable patch on your balcony, but you can still create a vibrant space using our guide to container gardening

One of the many advantages of container gardening or creating a balcony garden is the convenience it offers for making the most of your space when it comes to growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Using a variety of containers is a great way to max out on greenery while maintaining practicality. Our must-have containers are portable and come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can re-home your plants as they grow. 

When it comes to container gardening for balconies, one of the key ways of making the most of your space is stacking plants on shelving and taking advantage of railings and wall space. These will allow you to grow all sorts of plants without compromising on as much floor space. 

Balcony garden essentials

4 Organic Herb Garden Grow Kit | $20.99 at Target
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RusticReach Rope Hanging Small Glass Planter | $16.99 at Overstock
We've seen these stylish hanging glass planters on Instagram for a while now. They're great for propagating new plants, and this pack of 3 is only $16.99. View Deal

Avah Terracotta Hanging Planter (Set of 4) | $22.99 at Wayfair
This set of weather and rust resistant terracotta colorful planters will hang from walls or railings and come with vibrant blue, green, orange and yellow pots.View Deal

Spiral Showcase Planter Stand Vertical Garden | $70.99 at Wayfair
This stylish and space-saving spiral white metal plant stand comes with six plant pots and is a great way to elegantly stack up on color and storage. View Deal

Hook Plastic Wall Planter | $36.99 at Wayfair
This set of three plastic planters easily and securely attaches to balcony railings. It couldn't be simpler. View Deal

Large Ceramic Pot with Wood Stand Dark Walnut | Was $91.49, now $67.57 at Overstock
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- This is a stylish pot which is also ideal for practical gardening thanks to the elevated design and hole at the bottom, offering appropriate drainage to your plants. View Deal

Turquoise Floral Planter | $15 at Target
With bags of style and color, this planter can add some flair to windowsills or outdoor tables. Decorative, and functional. View Deal