9 of the best apartment balcony privacy screens for a nosy neighbor-free zone (from $14!)

Prices from $14

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BFFs with your neighbors? Nope? Then these apartment balcony privacy ideas are a must to avoid awkward situations. Sure, you might say "hey" when you take out the trash in your sliders, but if you don't want them gatecrashing cocktails with your gals during golden hour — this outdoor accessory is a must.

Organizing your small apartment exterior doesn't mean you've got to build a brick wall to create barriers. In fact, balcony privacy screen designs can be bougie. Oh, and it doesn't need to be happy hour for you to deserve some peace and quiet either.

A pretty partition means you can top up your tan without peering eyes, or just enjoy that sip of coffee in your own outdoor sanctuary, sans that mandatory greeting. I'm a millennial — I get you. I'd rather Whatsapp or text than communicate IRL so in most cases, I keep my "neighbor niceties" to the minimum. Small talk, who? 

The best apartment balcony privacy screens

The cost of these picks will depend on how wide your apartment balcony is, and how high you'll want the balcony screen to be. Get your tape measure out to ensure your specs are spot-on. You know what they say — measure twice, cut once.

Here, you'll find all sorts of options including trellis, fence, and paneling. There's a solution to suit all schemes and budgets. Installation may vary by the type you choose, but to be on the safe side, it's probably worth throwing some cable ties into your Amazon basket.

It's also worth noting that a few of these picks will help to hide ugly balcony railings and stop passers-by from peeking into your terrace. Romeo and Juliet — this is not. Essentially this is one of the best investments you can make from highly-rated outdoor furniture stores.

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How do I add privacy to my apartment balcony?

Tall planters, retractable screens, foldable dividers — these are just some of the many ways to add privacy to your veranda. It all depends on how much dollar you've got to spend, how much time you want to put into installing your solution, and your confidence in your DIY skills.

What to consider when buying a balcony privacy screen

No two products are built the same. So Here are some things you'll want to look out for when buying a balcony privacy screen:

  • Price: How much you can afford to spend may impact the quality of the apartment balcony privacy screen you get. Sturdier materials can be spendy.
  • Material: As mentioned above, something that is going to be weatherproof is likely to be expensive. Heavier materials like solid wood and steel are less likely to knock over in heavy wind conditions. In order to get the most bang for your buck, look for materials that have been treated with anti-rust, or anti-UV solutions so that rain and sun won't degrade it over time.
  • Size: You may have fallen in love with an apartment balcony privacy screen. But, does it *actually* fit into your space. Depending on what floor you're on, you may have to lug this up the stairs or fit it into your communal elevator.
  • Functionality: Other than providing privacy, is there anything else you'd expect this screen to do? Maybe you'd like some shade from the sun, or perhaps your balcony windows need some respite from windy weather. Check yo' specs girl!

How we chose these balcony privacy screens

I personally live in a 2-bed maisonette, so there's no need (or way) for me to test how well these balcony privacy screens work. Therefore, I've trawled the web for highly-rated products that people love, scanning reviews for common themes. In a nutshell, I looked at price, performance, style, and shape.

And, I didn't *just* stop there. I also filtered through the ratings to see if people that purchased it left something in the comments section about how long the apartment balcony privacy screen lasted and how they got on with it.

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