Grab these Lidl's small balcony furniture finds from just $3 — bargains you won't want to miss

After scanning for groceries, peruse your local Lidl for small balcony furniture picks that will make your space pop

Lidl small balcony furniture buys including a trellis, planter, and balcony privacy on a floral pink background
(Image credit: Canva + Lidl)

If you're not quite ready for spring's arrival, Lidl's small balcony furniture will help you switch gears. 

The brand's weekly offers from March 20 to 26 showcase a wide range of new products: groceries (of course), flowers, and brilliant outdoor deals that will brighten up your space with just a few simple touches.

If you're playing around with small balcony ideas and looking for ways to give your outside space a refresh, you might want to stop by your local Lidl and grab a bargain while stocks last.

Shop small balcony furniture picks from Lidl

Once you've uncovered how to clean your apartment balcony ahead of the new season (always start with some scrubbing, folks) then it's time for the fun part: styling. 

From chic and functional balcony privacy ideas to cute planters for your green babies, Lidl has a lil' bit of everything. 

However, you'll want to act quickly when it comes to the retailer's small balcony furniture offerings. Like the beloved Lidl greenhouse, these picks might not be around forever. Keep in mind that you cannot order directly from Lidl's website, but you can visit your local store or place an order on Instacart, depending on your location, so time is of the essence. 

What to shop

These are the small balcony furniture items we're eyeing from the store this week.

Other small balcony furniture

If you didn't get to your local Lidl fast enough, we've rounded up other great balcony finds that you'll love. No need to thank us, it's what we're here for. 

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