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Neato Robotics D650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner in use
(Image credit: Neato)

Start the new year as you mean to go on – buy a robot vacuum to clean up after your mess, so you can cut right back on your regular vacuuming routine. Sorted. This way, you needn't worry about vacuuming the house after work and you'll save time on the weekends – you can schedule your new robot vacuum to clean your floors while you're not at home. Finally, a cleaning appliance we can fully get on board with.

Even better news? Amazon's daily deals page features a robot vacuum cleaner today, with a dazzling 45 per cent off until midnight tonight. The Neato Robotics D650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now just £369.99 and it comes with a pet attachment for those who are fed up of vacuuming their pet's hair up every single day. Brilliant.  

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Neato Robotics D650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Was £672.99, now £369.99 at Amazon
The Neato Robotics D650 is a great choice of robot vacuum – it has a lot of features many other affordable models don't. It's self-sufficient, smart and intelligently shaped. Read more about it below.View Deal

Neato Robotics D650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner at a glance


There are several things we love about this robot vacuum, with the first thing being that it charges itself. When running out of juice, this robot vacuum will head to its charge base, then once ready to go again, will resume where it left off.


Thanks to the D-shaped design of this Neato robot vacuum, it can fit right into corners and edges. It can also fit under most furniture to save you having to move it.


In the box also comes an ultimate pet brush to capture dust, allergens and pet hair, as well as two filters and a cleaning tool and side brush.


Not only can you control this robot vacuum via your smartphone, but it's smart enough to know its way around your home. Built-in navigation allows you to set up floor plans to control exactly where your robot vacuum cleans. This way it can avoid the dog's bed, a pile of shoes or a living room rug.