Amazon's Echo Show 8 can do your food shopping if you're in self isolation

Worried about an elderly relative? Buy them an Amazon Echo Show 8 and they won't have to leave the house for food shopping

Amazon Echo Show 8 on kitchen counter near utensils and bottle of oil
(Image credit: Amazon)

Worried about an elderly relative right now? It's completely understandable. If you're not comfortable going food shopping for them and having close contact, order them an Echo Show 8 – Amazon's newest smart speaker – so that they can be in control of their own food shopping. The best part? It'll be delivered to their front door – peace of mind they're being looked after (by a smart device, albeit) without the risk of possibly infecting them. What would we do without Amazon at a time like this?

As well as being able to order your food shopping for you, the Amazon Echo Show 8 can show news briefings, play the radio, display recipes, video call friends and family and much more. This smart device can provide great company to those who live alone.

All for just £119? It's worth it. Trust us...

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Echo Show 8 | £119.99 at Amazon
This great smart device features a large touch screen display to make it easier to use, and since it's large, those who are visually impaired will have no worries seeing letters and numbers. Simply talk to the device to ask a command. "Alexa, order me some toilet roll from Amazon" – handy. Also, Morrisons products are stocked at Amazon's Pantry service so they can buy heavy items such as tins, bottles and more, without the worry of carrying them from store to car and car to home.View Deal

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