Amazon Prime Day (No) Deals for Brexiteers

Want out of the EU but in on the deals? It's Amazon Prime Day, so 'vote leave' on full-priced buys and bag a bargain. Pssst, they're probably not all British made

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Who needs a deal? Certainly not you Brexiteers – it’s all about unleashing our inner patriots and embracing the things that made this country great in the first place. So if you can’t wait until 31st October for our much-anticipated independence from Brussels and the bloody Ode to Joy then it’s time to say yes to one deal – or five of our finest Amazon Prime Day deals for Friends of Farage.

So here’s to celebration – and five brilliant bargains during Amazon Prime Day for brave Brexiteers.

Do you take a different view? Our Remainer’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day should enable you to bring in Brexit Day with a cheer (sorry, did we say 'cheer'? We meant 'tear'). Find it on our news page.

1. Whisky: for a celebratory drink

Yes, we know the Scots voted Remain. We're not being provocative.

Tamnavulin Speyside Whisky: Now £18 Was £32.50
This rich, warm single malt Scotch whisky with a lovely mellow aroma is matured in American (not European) oak barrels and a real bargain at almost half price. It’s perfect for toasting independence. Find more discounts: up to 40% off Jack Daniel's, Laphroaig and Southern Comfort Whiskie.

2. A tent – for those staycations

We won't be hopping over the Channel anymore, will we? Wet staycation in Blighty it is, then. Tent? Even better.

Coleman Inflatable 6 Man Air Tent Now £605.93 was £824.27
What better way to enjoy a new-found appreciation of the Great British Outdoors than in this fantastic – and fantastically large – XL tent. It’s got BlackOut bedroom technology and is 100 per cent waterproof. 

3. A mattress to lie back and think of England on

Enough said.

Casper King Size Mattress Now £450 Was £656.95
Combining breathability, durability and support in a multilayer, award-winning foam construction, this mattress from one of the leading lights in the new wave of mattress manufacturers is a steal at a fifth off. As you lie in bed thinking of England, this mattress will make it all the more enjoyable.

4. Celebratory drinking vessels

Otherwise known as glasses... these can take everything from whisky to Diet Coke (should an American trade deal get done, you'll want to drink more of that).

Umi tumblers Now £11.20 Was £19.99
So what on earth are you going to drink your celebratory Brexit Day tipple in? Nothing finer than these six classic round tumblers – perfect for whisky or some fine Kent wine. Cheers!

5. Chocolate. Lots of it

Yes, let’s celebrate! What better way to enjoy the new-found sense of optimism that Brexit brings by pigging out on a massive box – and it’s a proper box – of chocolate. And at 30 per cent savings, you can get that sugar high safe in the knowledge your pounds are going further.

Celebrations Chocolate Bulk Case | Was £20.70, now £14.49
Save 30 per cent on this 2.4kg case and scoff away. In Brexit Britain Celebrations are a necessity year-round, not just a Christmas treat.View Deal