I test appliances, and these are the 5 Prime Day kitchen deals worth buying — from $29.16

Girl you got those yummy yummy Prime Day kitchen deals

A trio of kitchen appliances on sale for Amazon Prime Day including Ninja AF101 air fryer, Aeropress coffee maker and Zerowater 7-cup water filter on brown and white marbled graphic
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Amazon's biggest sale of the year is finally here, and if you're sniffing around Prime Day kitchen deals, I've done the hard work for you. Luckily, since I've woken up, I've spent the day scrolling through the Prime Day home deals, to find the very best savings on products I love and have in my own kitchen.

If you're asking yourself "Is Prime Day worth it?," the answer is "Yes!" However, not all of the Prime Day kitchen deals out there are good. And there are definitely some that we'd recommend skipping if you're in search of a true bargain. 

Some of this year's deals have really impressed us, though, and I've genuinely never seen some of my favorite products at prices this low before. That includes two of the best Amazon air fryers and my must-have portable coffee-making accessory at unusually low prices. 

RTG for a really good Prime Day deal? Here are five I think are worth the money. 

5 Prime Day kitchen deals on things I actually own

1. Aeropress Original Coffee Press | Was $39.95,

1. Aeropress Original Coffee Press | Was $39.95, now $29.16 (save $10.79)
Melissa (Real Homes' global editor-in-chief) and I are both *very* proud owners of the Aeropress Original Coffee Press. Seeing as commuting into the office takes at least an hour for both of us, it's nice to have a portable coffee maker for that pre-office perk. 

Buy it if:
If you're always on the go, but all of those pricey cups of coffee are making a dent in your bank balance.

Don't buy if:
You enjoy the process of making coffee at home and drinking it from your favorite cup. But, outside of the house, you're a Princess who'd prefer to pay someone for the service.

2. ZeroWater 12-Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher | Was $39.99,

2. ZeroWater 12-Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher | Was $39.99, now $31.49 (save $8.50)
There's no point hoping for filter-perfect glasslike skin if you're not doing the fundamentals and hydrating properly. I found this filter was the perfect way to hit my water targets. It comes with a TDS meter to check the total dissolved solids in your water — trust me when I say your H2O will taste a hella lot better than it does straight from the faucet.

Buy if: You're looking more raisin than grape rn.

Don't buy if: You're not prepared to invest in filters when they need replacing. You'll know because the jug starts smelling a bit fishy. Gross, but at least I told you prior.

Read our ZeroWater filter jug review.

3. COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Q | Was $99.99,

3. COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5-Q | Was $99.99, now $75.93 (save $24.06)
Confession — I have two small air fryers on the go at the mo. This and the Ninja AF101 I've listed. This one is super chic and unlike most models, comes in a modern matte gray color, making it ideal for contemporary kitchens.

Buy it if: Visually, you want a sleek design (hello, tempered glass display) ergonomically-angled display for easy reading. If you're that guy or girl that cooks late at night, this 55-decibel air fryer won't wake up your roomies either if you're making a portion of midnight fries.

Don't buy it if: You've got your heart set on one of the big, more recognizable names and can make do with a 4-quart'er (see Ninja recommendation below).

Read our Cosori Pro LE L501 air fryer review.

4. Ninja AF101 air fryer | Was $129.99,

4. Ninja AF101 air fryer | Was $129.99, now $99.99 (save $30)
Sure, it might not have drawers like the DualZone but if you want an awesome air fryer for a small apartment — go for this branded beauty! I concur with the reviews that say it's "easy to clean," "easy to use," mentions. It's currently under $100, so run — don't walk!

Buy it if: You want an attractive-looking air fryer with a high-gloss finish with a clear and simple-to-use display. 

Don't buy if: Your heart is set on a two-drawer air fryer, or you need a larger capacity appliance to feed a large family.

Read our Ninja AF101 review where Real Homes rated it 4.5 stars out of 5.

5. Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer | Was $199.99,

5. Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer | Was $199.99, now $129.99 (save $70) 
Your girl loves an air-frying appliance, OK. Except this one does sooo much more, in as little as 15 minutes. For example, it's possible to make creamy chicken alfredo pasta without using a pan — at all. Yup, you can literally dump the pasta and other ingredients straight in, with a shelf for approx four chicken breasts and it'll cook everything together and save on washing up.

Buy it if:
You have ample kitchen counter space to house this, but not enough room for lots of separate pots of pans.

Don't buy it if:
It looks like it's going to be too big for your worktop (it's chunky!).

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