Amazon Prime Day 2021: Here's what our Editors are buying this year

Overwhelmed by the options the Amazon Prime Day options? Here's what our Editors are buying during the 48-hour window.

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Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, and if you feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options, you are not alone. We're here to say: we too are feeling the stress — after all, how couldn't we?

With everything from the best outdoor furniture to so many kitchen appliances up for grabs, the markdowns are endless. To the point: you might be concerned that with so many items up for grabs, you might miss out on one or two of them. And, if that's what's plaguing you, we're here to say: relax — we're here to help. 

This year, the Real Homes team has gone ahead and shared some of their markdowns throughout the 48-hour sale. From air fryers to toothbrushes, our wide range of items is sure to check all of your boxes and make sure you see everything there is to see. 

Are you wondering what's topping our must-have list this Amazon Prime Day? 

We've curated a shortlist of Editor Pick's that will make shopping a breeze — continue reading to see our must-have items! Head straight to Amazon to browse all of their UK home deals , or their US home deals.

What we are buying in the US

Kaitlin Madden, Editor-in-Chief

Cuisinart Airfryer, Convection Toaster Oven l $199.95

Cuisinart Airfryer, Convection Toaster Oven l $199.95 $124.99 (save $74.96) at Amazon
I just edited a review of the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven and it sold me! I've never owned an air fryer (nor do I own a toaster oven), but the idea that this handy appliance could potentially replace my oven during the hot summer months is all I needed to hear. 

EMME Muslin Blankets Cotton White Throw Blanket l $34.89

EMME Muslin Blankets Cotton White Throw Blanket l $34.89 $25.40 (save $9.49) at Amazon
I've always used gauzy muslin swaddle blankets for my kids and wished they made them in adult size since they're so soft and lightweight. I didn't realize that they already existed! This white muslin blanket is going to replace the heavier throw blankets on my sofa.

Brittany Romano, US Shopping Editor

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan DP04, White/Silver l $482.96

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan DP04, White/Silver l $482.96, $449.99 (save $32.97) at Amazon
I recently upgraded to a Dyson Cool Purifier, and while this isn't the same exact one as I purchased, this pick offers all of the same fantastic features — and on sale. It senses and captures pollutants in real-time, is certified asthma and allergy-friendly, and triples as a fan/AC. It's the ultimate investment.

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips, Sonic Toothbrush, & Whitening Toothpaste l   $208.99

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips, Sonic Toothbrush, & Whitening Toothpaste l  $208.99 $135.84 at Amazon
As someone with veneers — and has broken said veneers countless times — I've started to make a concerted effort in my oral hygiene routine; meaning, I'm always on the hunt for the best toothbrush. After testing countless ones, this one was the best for my sensitive teeth. The efficient, high-frequency brush movements ensure both your toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to even the most inaccessible places and with three customizable speeds. This toothbrush is perfect for me (and my teeth), and the cherry on top is the toothpaste and whitening strips, also included. 

What we are buying in the UK

Lindsey Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Ecommerce

Echo Dot 3rd Gen | £39.99

Echo Dot 3rd Gen | £39.99 £19.99 (save £20) at Amazon
Everyone always snaps up the Echo Dot when it goes on sale. I opted for the 3rd Gen as it is only £19.99 and I have one in my kitchen which I love, so I have bought two more – one for my bedroom and one for my office.

Echo Dot 4th Gen (with clock) | £59.99

Echo Dot 4th Gen (with clock) | £59.99 £34.99 (save £25) at Amazon
The 4th Gen dot with Clock is also on sale for just £34.99 and always sells really well. It looks pretty neat, in a choice of Glacier Blue or Twilight White and has a LED clock display making it great for bedside tables and office desks.

De'Longhi Scultura | £199.99

De'Longhi Scultura | £199.99 £149.99 (save £50) at Amazon
I got this coffee machine for my birthday and a month in, I am very very pleased with it. It is easy to use, with a button to make your coffee, then a button to heat the steam wand which you then operate by dial. It gives you the right balance of control and simplicity for barista-style brews at home. My only recommendation is to make sure you have a few espresso cups or low cappuccino cups to use with it as there isn't loads of space between the drip tray and the pimp. Luckily, there are a few of those on sale today too. I have just dropped these double walled ones in my basket/

Millie Fender, Ecommerce Editor

MALFY Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange Italian Gin | £28

MALFY Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange Italian Gin | £28 £21.99 (save £6.01) at Amazon
This gin tastes like summer, so I had to pick it up when I saw it on sale. I don't think I've seen this gin under £25 before, so it's a great deal. 

Annie Collyer, UK Shopping Editor

Joseph Joseph 85119 DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser tray | £15

Joseph Joseph 85119 DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser tray | £15 £12 (save £3) at Amazon
I just bought this space-savvy cutlery storage to sort out the ridiculously messy situation that is my cutlery drawer. It saves tonnes of room by stacking your knives, forks and spoons on top of one another, leaving you lots more room for your larger cooking utensils. It even has space for teaspoons, too. It comes in a range of colours from grey to white & green, as well as blue.

BESTonZON Glass Storage Jar | £36.99

BESTonZON Glass Storage Jar | £36.99 £27.99 (save £9) at Amazon
I am definitely snapping up this deal on these unique storage jars – each of which come with a wooden ball that acts as a lid. They will be perfect for holding – and displaying – tea, coffee, sugar, rice, cotton wool, bath salts and much more in my kitchen and bathroom. Love!

[Cocod’or/White Jasmine] Flower Reed diffusers | £25

[Cocod’or/White Jasmine] Flower Reed diffusers | £25 £20 (save £5) at Amazon
I am pretty much obsessed with anything smelly for my home – e.g. reed diffusers and candles. And this one is no exception! It's pretty, it has a lovely £5 off for Prime Day and I am either thinking of popping it in the middle of my coffee table, on show in my bathroom or atop my hallway console table. Cute!

Amy Lockwood, Ecommerce Editor

Weber Q 1000 Gas Barbecue | £293

Weber Q 1000 Gas Barbecue | £293 £199 (save £93.01) at Amazon
The Weber Q 1000 is one of the top BBQs you can buy, and it's now nearly £100 off with this fantastic Prime Day BBQ deal. It's a gas BBQ that can be used as a portable grill, but you can also buy a stand to elevate it for day-to-day use. Get it while it's in stock!

Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32 LI | £370

Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32 LI | £370 £204 (save £165.59) at Amazon
The best Amazon Prime Day lawnmower deal I've seen, the Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32 LI is almost half price today. This bargain won't be around for long, so if you want to save an extraordinary £165 on the popular machine you might need to move fast!

Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

Brittany Romano is Future's U.S. Shopping Editor, based in New York City. From her start as a fashion market assistant at Marie Claire to building a highly profitable commerce vertical at Us Weekly and AMI brands, Brittany has produced award-winning content covering everything from celebrity beauty hacks to must-have items from online sales. She is a graduate of New England College. When she isn’t writing, you can find Brittany indulging in yet another DIY project or cheering on her beloved Boston Bruins. Find her on Instagram at @ItsBrittanyRomano.