Amazon Prime Day date leaked – again

We broke the Amazon Prime Day date leaked story first, and now there's been another one. Get ready to spend those savings, people

Amazon Prime Day date leaked

Remember when we brought you the news of the leak about 2019's Amazon Prime Day date? If you missed it a couple of weeks back, we had a PR email confirming that their client's product would be an Amazon Prime Day deal on Tuesday 16th July – although they subsequently claimed the email was in fact referring to Prime Day 2018. Which would be odd.

We know that Amazon Prime Day usually starts on a Monday morning and finishes at EOP on a Tuesday and this date is the one we've been talking about on our Amazon Prime Day hub page for some time – so that all made sense. 

Well, now there's been another accidental leak about the date falling somewhere between Friday 12 July and Friday 19 July, this time picked up by our colleagues over at They were sent the information by a PR agency looking to promote its client's product. They wrote that the product 'will be 50 per cent off for Prime Day (7/12 – 7/19).'

Like us, T3 got pretty excited that Prime Day 2019 could be due to run for more than the usual couple of days – and perhaps even for a whole week. Asked for clarification, the PR agency confirmed that: 'The deal is running for the whole week! Not just Prime Day.'

T3 has also been told by a popular intelligent home security camera brand of plans to launch two new camera models on Prime Day. When pressed, they were told that the cameras would launch Monday 15 July, 2019.

So where does that leave us? Well, there's been no confirmation from Amazon yet about the dates or the length of the event this year. However, we're pretty confident that you can stop saving and start spending when we said two weeks back: Monday 15th July.

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