Amazon Prime Day 2019: here's how to grab a bargain

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is just around the corner. Anxious you'll miss the deal you're after? Don't be: just read our advice on how to grab the bargain you want with ease

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Patiently waiting for Amazon Prime Day 2019? Us too. We're guessing that you want to make the biggest savings possible? Well, keep reading to find out how to tackle Prime Day and become a master. We've correlated the best tips and tricks for shopping the sale and popped them below. 

Happy (deals) shopping!


1) Get an Amazon Prime account to take part in the deals. Don't stress, you won't have to pay – read our guide on how to get a free Amazon account and be Prime Day ready.

2) Download the Amazon app on to your smartphone. Enable the notifications in the app's settings so you'll be notified when good deals become available. You're welcome.

3) Be prepared. Research everything you want BEFORE the event. Make sure you note items' prices, not just on Amazon but on other sites, too, to make sure you're getting the deal you want on the day.

4) Create a Prime Day wish list of your most-wanted items now. Creating a wish list on Amazon is easy peasy; while you're viewing a product you want to save, under the 'add to basket' and 'buy now' buttons on the right hand side of your screen it should say 'add to list'. This makes it easy on the day to see all your soon-to-be-purchases in one place to see what is discounted.

5) Prime Day deals will be on the website every morning, however some won't become available to purchase until later on that day or even the next day. If you see a product that you want in the preview deals page, click the Watch This Deal button to be notified when the product goes on sale.

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6) Don't forget about Lightening Deals! These are available from certain times and while stocks last, so when you see an amazing Lightening Deal you need to grab it.

7) Consider delivery costs BEFORE Prime Day. Have a look at how much each item you're after costs to be delivered before Prime Day, just in case they bump up the delivery price. Cheeky.

8) Share your Prime account with other family members. Maybe they can help you bag a few items for a discount price, or perhaps they want to shop the deals but don't have a Prime Account?

9) DON'T settle for the first price you see. If the product you want has a fiver off within the first few hours of Prime Day, you're probably best waiting to see if they cut the price more. However, we recommend not doing this on Lightening Deals as they're usually very good and they don't last long.

10) Shop the Amazon Deals Page for all the best deals on their entire site. We know we advised you to have in mind what you want to buy before the event starts, but once you've bagged those deals or even while you're waiting to, browse Amazon's Deals page to see all the best deals. You never know, you may see something you need...

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