Amazon gym equipment that's perfect for small spaces — and a killer workout

No room, no problem! Amazon gym equipment hand-picked by our shopping experts will give you great results at home

Amazon gym equipment for small spaces, including a portable elliptical and stepping machine, on a blue marble background.
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Don't let the size mislead you: Amazon gym equipment for small space dwellers will have a big impact on your fitness routine, even if the products require some creative storage solutions. 

Gym memberships seem particularly enticing when the new year rolls around, but an at-home system has pretty much everything we want: versatility, customization, and perhaps most alluring of all, privacy (ever wish you didn't have onlookers during your cardio routine?).

As you peruse the best home gym equipment buys for your abode, have a look at these customer favorites (our expert shopper loves them too) from the retail giant. 

Amazon gym equipment for tiny abodes

While small home gym ideas might not be in the cards, that doesn't mean you can't still work up a sweat and burn some calories in the comfort of your own home. 

These products from the lengthy list of compact Amazon gym kits will help you reach your fitness potential without overcrowding your small living room or bedroom. 

"As a personal trainer who has converted his double garage at home to a home gym, I can attest to the importance it can provide," says Mike Julom, ACE certified personal trainer and the founder and CEO of "A home gym is a constant reminder to stay active. You can experiment, make mistakes, and grow without feeling self-conscious."

Mike Julom
Mike Julom

Mike is an ACE certified personal trainer, CrossFit athlete, and founder of, a.k.a. "the internet's gym," offering workout plans, training tips, nutritional information, and more. He began his workout journey with a joint home gym purchase with his brother, so he knows a thing or two about exercising at home.

What to keep in mind

If you're setting up a workout spot in a tiny nook, there are a few things to keep in mind when you're shopping for at-home workout gear, according to Annie Collyer, Real Homes' head ecommerce editor: durability, space, portability, and your floors. Make sure to have a mat of some sort beneath the applicable gear so you don't scuff up your tiles or wooden panels, or slip mid-workout.

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Annie, the head e-commerce editor at Real Homes, has been writing buying guides and reviewing products online since 2018 — think everything from air fryers to mattresses and exercise bikes. She's reviewed a bunch of exercise machines for a range of publications from Livingetc to Ideal Home, including elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and smaller fitness buys.

Looking for more ways to stay fit from the comfort of your abode? The debut IKEA workout collection, DAJLIEN, will be available in January 2024, just in time to coincide with those new year's fitness resolutions. The collection includes gym mats, weights, resistance bands, and those not-so-obvious gym essentials, like a portable speaker and flip-flops. 

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