Amazon device deal of the day: pick up the Philips Lumea for just £200

Cheaper than waxing and less time consuming than shaving – IPL is the way forward and the Philips Lumea is currently just £200

amazon device deal of the day: philips lumea
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking for an affordable alternative to waxing? Or want to do your bit for the planet and stop buying disposable razors? With the Philips Lumea, you can enjoy all of the above and more (including a lifetime free from razor burn!). Because if you choose to remove body hair – and remember the choice is yours alone – you're likely to be familiar with the often less than desirable side effects that come with classic hair removal treatments.

We're talking chemical burns from hair removal creams, razor burn, ingrown hairs – we could go on. But what if you could forget all that hassle as you go hair-free? And in as little as three months* ? We've done the maths, and it would be just in time for summer. Ideal.

So that is what the super popular Philips Lumea Prestige has to offer, and that's why we love it too. 

How does the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL device work?

This product uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target hair at the root, which prevents it from growing back, thus increasing the potential to achieve a fuzz-free result in as little as three months. We’ve tested it ourselves, and we rate it the best home IPL hair removal device going. Yep, that's right, you could be looking at a super smooth summer, without the hassle.

So, when we spotted this beauty essential retailing for just £200 at Amazon, we just had to feature it as our device deal of the day.

*Objective studies show at least 85% hair reduction in as little as three treatments

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal System for Body & Face | Was £360, now £200 | Save £160
Suitable for use on the face and body, the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal System is designed to help achieve hair free results in as little as three months.View Deal

Admittedly, £200 is still something of an investment for many of us – especially for a device designed exclusively to remove hair – but, we're thinking about how much you'll be saving long-term.

After all, compared with the amount of money the average woman spends on hair removal methods, – be that professional waxing or those eternally over-priced razor heads – a one-off £200 to achieve hairlessness where you want, will definitely see you saving money in the long run.

Bonus alert! This offer also includes a super handy mini-facial cleansing brush that's perfect for exfoliating, and six times more effective than cleansing by hand. Nifty.