Amazon alternatives: Here's where to buy things Amazon won't deliver

Looking for Amazon alternatives? We've rounded up the best places to get things the retailer won't deliver

Amazon alternatives
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Looking for Amazon alternatives? 

If you're anything like us, you rely pretty heavily on Amazon Prime. So now that Amazon Prime is focusing on delivering household essentials, and two-day Prime service isn't guaranteed, you might be wondering where to buy things that Amazon won't deliver.

We were, too. So, we did some investigating and rounded up the best Amazon alternatives, below. We chose based on general product availability, shipping times, and the number of promotions/sales we've seen.

What are the things Amazon won't deliver?

We mentioned in our article a few weeks back that Amazon had stopped accepting incoming deliveries of non-essential items at its warehouses. Meaning that, once items that didn't fit into is "Essentials" categories went out of stock, Amazon wouldn't be restocking, at least temporarily. Amazon has classified the below as "essential items," so if what you're looking for doesn't fall into one of these categories, it's best to look for it somewhere else.

Amazon alternatives for general household merchandise and essentials

While Amazon is doing its best to fulfill orders of household essentials, many of the items we've been searching for there have been out of stock or have long shipping times. Instead, we've had better luck with the below retailers. 

Target (opens in new tab)

What it's great for: Diapers (opens in new tab), cleaning supplies (opens in new tab), kids art supplies (opens in new tab), beauty (opens in new tab) and personal care products (opens in new tab)

From hand sanitizer, diapers (opens in new tab)and shampoo (opens in new tab), to Clorox wipes and toilet paper, we've seen much more of these crucial household essentials in stock for fast shipping than we have at Amazon. We've been checking almost daily when we update our articles on where to find crucial Coronavirus supplies (opens in new tab). While many of the most in-demand supplies go in and out of stock on an almost daily basis, we find if we check regularly we can usually find what we need for shipping (or in-store pickup at the very least). 

Walgreens (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Contact lenses (opens in new tab), pharmacy essentials (opens in new tab), beauty (opens in new tab) and personal care products (opens in new tab)

You can order lots of Walgreens items for standard shipping, or take advantage of their recently announce partnership with Postmates to get your items delivered from a local store.

Amazon alternatives for home and garden

We're all spending more time at home, which means it's only natural to plot ways to make our spaces more fun and functional. 

Plus, now that the weather happens to be warming up, it's a great time to start thinking about how to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you're looking for kitchen gadgets, patio furniture, or a place to buy plants online, these are the best alternative for shopping for home and garden must-haves.

Wayfair (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Outdoor furniture (opens in new tab), small kitchen appliances (opens in new tab), outdoor rugs (opens in new tab), bistro sets (opens in new tab), gas grills (opens in new tab), storage (opens in new tab)

Wayfair has a wide-range of outdoor furniture in price-points ranging from wallet-friendly to luxury. They offer free shipping, and in our experience, it's typically lightning fast: we've gotten pieces from Wayfair just 24-hours after placing an order. 

The Home Depot (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Outdoor furniture (opens in new tab), paint (opens in new tab), gardening tools (opens in new tab), ordering plants (opens in new tab)

The Home Depot is open for in-store purchases, but why risk a trip when you can safely order your DIY supplies online? Besides shipping outdoor furniture, power tools, and decor (opens in new tab) , The Home Depot also lets you order things like paint (opens in new tab) (yes, you can choose your color) and certain live plants for your garden (opens in new tab), too.

West Elm (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Sofas, stylish wall art, larger furniture items, rugs 

West Elm is a contemporary design-lover's online paradise, and while its retail stores are closed we've seen an uptick in the number of promotions West Elm is offering. Sign up for their emails (opens in new tab) for regular updates on what's on sale each day. Also, check out their free online design services (opens in new tab) for help decorating your space.

Amazon alternatives for workout gear

Now that we're all WOFH (working out from home), having simple exercise equipment on hand is a must. If you're looking to try a new workout at home, or need a few things to supplement your workout routine, here's where to look. (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Treadmills (opens in new tab), dumbbells (opens in new tab), rowing machines (opens in new tab) is best know for furniture and household items, but they also have an excellent selection of fitness and workout gear like rowing machines (opens in new tab), resistance trainers (opens in new tab), and kettlebells (opens in new tab)

Dick's Sporting Goods (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Yoga mats (opens in new tab), workout clothes and shoes (opens in new tab), outdoor recreation equipment like bikes and kayaks (opens in new tab)

Besides standard online orders, you can also place online orders for contactless curbside pickup at Dick's retail locations if you need something fast. 

Amazon alternatives for electronics and home-office essentials

Has watching epic amounts of Netflix made you realize your TV could use an upgrade? Here's where you can purchase electronics right now.

Best Buy (opens in new tab)

What's is best for: TVs (opens in new tab), computer monitors (opens in new tab), exercise machines (opens in new tab)

Best Buy's stores are, of course, closed for the time being, but online it's business as usual. We almost prefer shopping Best Buy online, since the robust product reviews on the site are always incredible helpful in selecting the right item.

Staples (opens in new tab)

What it's best for: Small printers (opens in new tab), webcams (opens in new tab), keyboard mice (opens in new tab)

Be your most productive self at home with Staples endless supply of office supplies. Plus,they've got a rotating list of deals and discounts, and for a limited time you can get your video conferencing gear (opens in new tab), printer paper (opens in new tab), or whatever else your home office needs delivered for free. 

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